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Fox IT awards

Th Fox IT awards were great.  Even though I couldn’t go this year, I had a great time at the after party.  Since we were able to socialize outside the school enviornment, I had a great time.  I have been going to the Fox IT awards since I was a freshman.  I really enjoy this event because it gives me a chance to socialize with professors in a more subtle manner.  Since there is food and beverages, we can communicate on more a more in depth level.  Also watching fellow students and professor receive awards in your own school is a great feeling.  Since this program is one of the best in the country, its a great feeling of pride in being a Fox alumni.  Since I could not make it this year, I felt really angry but I could not incorporate it into my schedule. Im sure the award recipients had a great time but since I attended the after party, it made it even more fun.  While there were a lot of my friends attending the after party at Pub Webb, we all enjoyed some drinks and laughter and enjoying the times we had at Temple.  The Fox IT awards are a great place to be because they serve as a great tool for networking.  I strongly urge everyone to attend because you will not regret it.

EXP.ONBOARD: Instagram

The service that I decided to sign up for was Instagram. When I first heard about Instagram I did not fully get the concept of it. When I downloaded Instagram on my iPhone I was eager to start using it. When I first downloaded the app on my phone it did not really have a detailed description on how to use it. It automatically took me to the page where I had to create my user profile. Once I created my user profile I linked it to my Facebook page so that the pictures I take would appear on my Facebook.

 After I created my user profile, there was no further instruction on how to use the app. After playing on the app for a couple of minutes, I figured out how to use it. The concept of Instagram is simple to understand. Instagram allows you to take pictures and then you can add filters to those pictures. On Instagram, you are able to add friends and you can view each other’s pictures. Being someone that likes to take pictures, so far I love this App! In comparison, the pictures taken through Instagram look better than the ones taken straight from my iPhone. I know for a fact that I will be using this app a lot. I hope that one day one of my pictures makes it on the “Popular” page. The popular page is where the pictures with the most likes are posted on.

This is the first picture that I took with Instagram!

I like how Instagram gives me the option to focus on one thing. This enhances the way the flowers are displayed.


After reading the article, In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5, it became pretty obvious to me that many sites are using fake reviews to boast about products on Amazon and hotels on TripAdvisor. After reading this article, I wanted to see if what the article was saying was obvious to spot. I then went to Amazon and everything the article said made sense. When you go to look at reviews for a product, the first posts are labeled as “Most Helpful Customer Reviews”. These reviews are very lengthy and go on and on about how great the product your viewing is. In order to see more realistic reviews from actual customers, you must click on “See all customer reviews”. This is where you can actually get a feel for how great the product your thinking about buying really is.

I think it is smart for companies to pay people to write a fake review that will increase sales. However, if the products that people are purchasing are not so great, they may lose business and lose the trust of their customers.


I attended the IT awards last Tuesday and met many influential people including a recruiter from Lockheed Martin. Also when I was there I had my professional picture taken.




My Interview with Amanda Sullivan In regrades to her social media internship:

Who is your internship with?

My internship is with GuestCounts Hospitality. They are a hospitality concept that owns Cuba Libre restaurant in Phila., DC, Atlantic City, and Orlando. They also just launched a new brand Square Peg Restaurant on 10th and Walnut featuring upscale diner food.

How do you use social media in your internship?

I use social media as a marketing tool. SEO is my most important task because it’s a source of finding out if our target market is looking for us. Based on SEO results I assist with the twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc accounts to reach out to our target and maintain relations with current customers.

What is your favorite part about using social media in your internship

My favorite part is that I’m doing something that I enjoy, something I would do for fun on my own time.




Bonus Event: 12th Annual Fox IT Awards




I attended the Fox IT Awards last Tuesday night. The event was fun and also interesting. Adrian Gardner, from NASA, received the Fox IT Leader Award. K. Venkatesh Prasad, from Ford, received the Fox IT Innovator Award. Marc Snyder, from KPMG, received the Fox It Awards for Distinguished Alumni. All three of the winners spoke to the audience about encouraging students to use technology to change the world. Congratulations to Professor Johnson on winning the Teacher of the Year award. I met Dean Moshe Porat at the event. A few of us talked to him about the networking, and how it is the key component for someone to be successful. The conversation we had with him was interesting and informative.


I took some quotes from online, some humorous things that Obama said in the past.

Slideshow: Philly auto show

A slideshow i created on Kizoa, pretty useful tool. It was very easy to use and you can get photos directly from facebook

DailyBooth: A fun way of picture sharing

At DailyBooth, they allow you to share and upload daily picture in seconds. The interaction is very similar to the addictive twitter actions. Here how they helped me started, first the very obvious they helped me connect to my Facebook and twitter friends and then suggest people who I want to follow. After that is pretty much self explanatory. First they ask you to snap pictures of any random things, could be yourself or any objects. Write a funny comment to tag along with it, start sharing and follow others. I checked out some picture of others, some of them are pretty amusing.

Bonus Event: Grassroots Game Conference: Unity Expo Lunch Party at WHYY

On Friday, April 27, 2012, I attended the Grassroots Game Conference in the WHYY building. Before attending the event, I read a description of the event which mentioned about video game creators right here in Philadelphia who were showing off their games at this conference. I’m not really a gamer, so I didn’t really know what to expect. When I arrived there, they offered lunch which was cool. There were about probably 6-8 gamers who were showing off their games. They showed us their games and also showed how they created the games. Seeing how they made their games was pretty cool. This conference was promoting software called Unity which is great software if you want to create games. I really enjoyed my time there.

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