9. Capone -N- Noreage – Invincible

Capone –N- Noreage – Invincible

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Capone –N- Noreage (CNN) –‘Invincible’ record is from their The Reunion album, which was produced in 2000. DJ Premier produced the record, and also produced few other tracks on the album. DJ Premier sampled Jimmie and Vella’s ‘Hey Boy Over There’ for this record. DJ Premier tells Complex.com the process of working with Capone -N- Noreage on Invincible record:

I’m trying to get a certain reaction, and it took like three days to finally get one from them. I’ll just keep making beats. I’ll scrap it, or put it on a disk, and come back to it later. Over and over, and on the third day they were like, ‘Yo, that’s it.

The sample appears at 0:08 and throughout the record.

Jimmie and Vella – Hey Boy Over There

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Jimmie and Vella created the ‘Hey Boy Over There’ record in 1968, which is from their Heartbreak album. The sample is taken from 0:06 mark of the record.

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