7. Dr. Dre – Deep Cover

Dr.Dre – Deep Cover

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Dr. Dre’s ‘Deep Cover’ record is from the Deep Cover original sound track, which was produced in 1991. Dr.Dre produced this record for the Deep Cover movie. Dr. Dre sampled two records to make ‘Deep Cover.’ Dr. Dre sampled The Undisputed Truth’s ‘I’m Losing You’ and Sly & the Family Stone’s ‘Sing a Simple Song.’ The ‘I’m Losing You’ sample appears at 0:31 and the ‘Sing the Simple Song’ appear at 0:28 and throughout the record. What is interesting about this the ‘Deep Cover” record is that Big Pun brought the instrumental from Dr. Dre for his ‘Twinz (Deep Cover 98)’ record for his Capital punishment album in 1998. Big Pun didn’t change the instrumental at all, that is why the title has ‘Deep Cover 98’ in it.

The Undisputed Truth- I’m Losing You

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The Undisputed Truth created ‘I’m Losing You’ record in 1975, which is from their The Cosmic Truth album. The sample is taken from 0:08 mark of the record.

Sly & the Family Stone – Sing a Simple Song

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Sly & the Family Stone created ‘Sing a Simple Song’ record in 1968, which is from their Stand! album. The sample is taken from 2:12 mark of the record.

Big Pun – Twinz (Deep Cover 98)

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