Lost in Translation

Temple Rome Campus

Arriving in Italy, I felt as though I would be all by myself in a new place. My biggest worry was how I would make the transition from living in a completely different continent where the culture is different. However, I had an easy transition to Italy. One of my close friends was also my roommate in Rome, so whenever one of us was homesick we had each other to remind us about home. In a way she was my support system and I was hers. I live in a pretty European household already and I have visited Albania a few times so the European atmosphere was not really that strange to me. Maybe that’s why I thought the transition was such a breeze.

I would be lying if I told you I did not have some problems. The biggest one was of course the language. I felt like I was thrown into a foreign film with no subtitles. I did not know a lick of Italian except for some of the words I’ve learned from watching “The Godfather”. It was difficult to ask for directions or even order food at times. My classmates and I adjusted though. That’s another thing that made Italy so great. I was surrounded by my great classmates who made it so much fun. The people of Italy were extremely nice as well. Overall, for it to be my first real journey away from home I myself would say that I did pretty well.

The building I lived in, "Residence Madgalia D'Oro".

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