Monthly Archives: October 2011

F(30)inally here….

The BMW 3 series has been a great sedan for many years. BMW has FINALLY released detailed pictures of their 6th generation 3Series or F30 ( chasis name ). Personally, I have always wanted a 3 series and in anticipation of the f30 I opted to not get the E9x and got a japanese car instead. So the new 3 series is going to offer a 4 cylinder twin-turbo which would appeal to those who want the power of the 6 cylinder twin turbo in the 335 trim now in a 328. I have been waiting months and months for pictures and they have finally emerged. The front face takes on the look of the 5 series which was redesigned in last years model. The back is very similar to the current 3 series but that was redesigned in the refresh model of 2009-2011.  Another new feature is the stop/ start system which is suppose to offer more fuel efficiency. BMW is notorious for having a lot of bugs in their new production vehicles, but hopefully this will be a different story.

for more pictures of the brand new 3 series click here!!

Punch Buggy, No Punch Back!

Well…. VolksWagon has punched back with the all new redesigned 2012 VW Beetle. The iconic car has always had a signature style but lost it’s cool from time to time. The Beetle started out as a car that was compact and affordable, to becoming a fad, to losing it’s cool, back to sleek and stylish. The 2012 Beetle has a sleeker profile that is slimmer than it’s previous generations with sporty flat rims that are offered in a 5 spoke and 10 spoke. It has a modern take on a classic car and people are excited about it! I always saw the VW beetle as car that went against the grain, but it’s going against the grain in a great way. I would not mind driving the new beetle as a daily driver. I think that VW has done a great job in reinventing one of it’s most iconic cars.

Toyota Prius’s? No, Prii

Toyota will be releasing their fifth model of their signature Prius hybrid vehicle this year! Worldwide, Toyota has sold 2,360,000 Prius’s around the world since it’s release in 1997. with averages of 50 mpg and even more with a newer model, it is no wonder why it is so successful! Now that there are four different models of the Prius, Toyota had a tough decision. What do we call it? In the commercials, it is called the Prius Family, which leads you to believe that theres one that would fit each member of the family. There have been many recommendations of what to call the pural of the Prius, because Prius’s do not sound that great. Theres the Prium, Prias, Priuses but the winner is the Prii.