Punch Buggy, No Punch Back!


Well…. VolksWagon has punched back with the all new redesigned 2012 VW Beetle. The iconic car has always had a signature style but lost it’s cool from time to time. The Beetle started out as a car that was compact and affordable, to becoming a fad, to losing it’s cool, back to sleek and stylish. The 2012 Beetle has a sleeker profile that is slimmer than it’s previous generations with sporty flat rims that are offered in a 5 spoke and 10 spoke. It has a modern take on a classic car and people are excited about it! I always saw the VW beetle as car that went against the grain, but it’s going against the grain in a great way. I would not mind driving the new beetle as a daily driver. I think that VW has done a great job in reinventing one of it’s most iconic cars.

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