F(30)inally here….


The BMW 3 series has been a great sedan for many years. BMW has FINALLY released detailed pictures of their 6th generation 3Series or F30 ( chasis name ). Personally, I have always wanted a 3 series and in anticipation of the f30 I opted to not get the E9x and got a japanese car instead. So the new 3 series is going to offer a 4 cylinder twin-turbo which would appeal to those who want the power of the 6 cylinder twin turbo in the 335 trim now in a 328. I have been waiting months and months for pictures and they have finally emerged. The front face takes on the look of the 5 series which was redesigned in last years model. The back is very similar to the current 3 series but that was redesigned in the refresh model of 2009-2011.  Another new feature is the stop/ start system which is suppose to offer more fuel efficiency. BMW is notorious for having a lot of bugs in their new production vehicles, but hopefully this will be a different story.

for more pictures of the brand new 3 series click here!!

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