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The Nissan Leaf is Nissan’s Leading Economically friendly Affordable Family car. It is a compact 5-door hatchback. It has a 99 Miles Per Gallon equivalent and has ZERO emissions. It was manufactured in 2010 and continues production til today! In order to purchase this wonderful car, you have to join the waiting list. YES! a waiting list! It is a very expensive car but the payoff is perfect for the environment. It starts at $27,000 and the fully loaded model comes to about $29,000.

There is a charge station that would be installed in your house so you can recharge this little bugger. Currently, Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury line, is looking to produce it’s own luxury electric vehicle named the “EV”.

Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra was the must have car in the early 80s to the end of the 90s. It was a sporty futuristic car ahead of it’s time and it finally caught up when production was halted in 2002. It was discontinued because of a declining demand and people that wanted it were too late. Today it is a very rare find to buy one that has not been already been modified to someone else’s taste. One in excellent condition could list for 30,000-50,000! That’s as much as a brand new luxury car for something that is more than a decade old. If you check back on my blog post about the Toyota/Subaru FT-86 you can see some old features of the Supra making an updated look.

Cadillac CTS-V

A few years ago, Cadillac was going out of business and was selling their inventory at a staggering 50% off!!! Since then, The CTS-V has become the flagship sedan for the once dying car company and is in competition with other midsize luxury sedans such as the Audi RS6, BMW M5, Jaguar XF and the Mercedes E63 AMG. These are all high performance vehicles which take off as quick as a jet with a slight step of the pedal. You get the most bang for your buck with the CTS-V’s very competitive pricing, with 556HP, Theres no way you feel like you are over paying like the competition.

Honda CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z was manufactured in 2010 and is a sport hybrid coupe. Yes, there is a lot going on there. How do you make a 2 door-ed sporty economically efficient vehicle? Ask Honda. The CR-Z embodies these 3 elements perfectly. it averages 37/39 MPG CITY/HIGHWAY. It has 3 modes, Sport, Normal and Econ which changes the performance of the car depending on how aggressive, nonaggressive or in between you want to drive. It features a highly detailed audio system and a blue tooth hands free connection for your wireless device.

I have not seen this car on the road but it appeals to many drivers with it’s sporty look to it’s great fuel economy. I highly recommended taking it for a test drive, and taking it home after.

Fiat- Italian for Annoying?

Fiat is trying to make a statement in the United States and it has. The Italian auto company has been advertising it’s commercials with Jennifer Lopez for the past few months, and how can you forget the washed up actor/artist, whose trying to make a come back back by tapping you on the shoulder every commercial break there is on Football Sunday and during Daytime television.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez was under critical scrutiny with her recent performance at the AMA’s while dancing featured a Fiat  500 in the background. Enough is enough JENNIFER. I understand that your recent marriages and inability to keep a marriage has given you a need for unwanted attention but STOP.


DISCLAIMER- I apologize for the rant but the Fiat is an average car. J.Lo was getting on my last nerves. If you watch the Video below 30 x, you will understand.

2012 Camry

The Toyota Camry has been known to be very reliable, have great gas mileage and to be affordable as well. The 2012 Camry has taken a new sporty and edgy redesign which will appeal to different markets and audiences. The Camry was recalled due to the floor mats locking up against the acceleration and this problem was quickly taken care of. Toyota did a great job with damage control because it seems as if the Camry sales are not slowing down anytime soon. A new addition of the newest model comes with a built in pandora radio, a feature that has been ad-hoc added in by other drivers through an auxiliary cord and a mobile device.

My First Car


Well, I’ve been driving for almost 6 years now, and I purchased my first car at 18 and spent every penny I saved to buy it. It was a 2006 Infiniti G35 and I was stubborn enough to not want anything more or less. After a month of looking around, I found the one. It was everything I wanted, fun to drive, safe, and in budget. At the time, I did not take into consideration gas mileage which at the time, Premium was $3.93 a gallon. I had many fond memories in that car, and sadly, after 3.5 years….. I feel like it is time to go in a different direction.

I hope to find a new car that will give me the Ultimate Driving Experience ;) and has a history of being just as reliable, with great mileage.

What was your first car? How did it treat you? Can any of you bloggers take a stab of what I am interested in?


Thanks for reading!