Fiat- Italian for Annoying?

Fiat is trying to make a statement in the United States and it has. The Italian auto company has been advertising it’s commercials with Jennifer Lopez for the past few months, and how can you forget the washed up actor/artist, whose trying to make a come back back by tapping you on the shoulder every commercial break there is on Football Sunday and during Daytime television.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez was under critical scrutiny with her recent performance at the AMA’s while dancing featured a Fiat  500 in the background. Enough is enough JENNIFER. I understand that your recent marriages and inability to keep a marriage has given you a need for unwanted attention but STOP.


DISCLAIMER- I apologize for the rant but the Fiat is an average car. J.Lo was getting on my last nerves. If you watch the Video below 30 x, you will understand.

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