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Automotive Marketing

I was fortunate enough to reach out to Jade Trinh, a customer rep who works for the marketing company called Apeiron who delivers different services to automotive dealers.

Here’s what she had to say when I asked her a few questions.

Through what social media medium does your company advertise? ( Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc…)

We have just started our Facebook page but our main website is Apeiron Marketing.
Both of these can be found here,

Do you offer any incentives or deals for people who are interested because of their experience on your Social Media?

We do offer customer incentives; such as people who go for test drives are entered to win up to $2000. This is a simple way to draw the customer in and hopefully at the end, they will be more interested in the car than the incentive.

What is the most advertised vehicle? Do you think social media has an influence?

Apreiron Marketing does not advertise vehicles but we do offer our services to dealerships to have and create different marketing methods to draw customers in. Social Media does have the potential to influence buyers and could play an important role in the future.

What are some of the difficulties maintaining a Social Media Page?

The main issue with starting a Social Media Page for our services is, starting. Once you get the ball rolling, it becomes easier and easier to expand. On the flipside, there must be a lot of maintenance as well.

With Social media shifting the way companies do business, what are your expectations for your Social Media in the future?

Again, with the start of our Facebook page, we hope to network out to automotive dealers to make them aware of our services and the packages we have to offer. We hope to gain a competitive advantage over others by using this medium.

__ END.

I would like to thank Jade Trinh at Apeiron for taking the time to help me with this interview.