The Lantern Festival

Lunar Jan. 15 (Feb.6, 2012)

The Lantern Festival is also called YuanXiao Festival in China. The reason it called YuanXiao Festival because Chinese are traditionally eaten YuanXiao on this day. YuanXiao is similar than TangYuan –sweet rice balls. It makes with the sticky rice flour, butter, black sesame powder, sugar, ginger, and white wine. Serve them while hot in a bowl covered with the water they were cooked in. People also like to add some ginger and sugar to the broth to make sweet syrup. Chinese like to eat this sweet dessert, which has a round shape means family unity and happiness.
YuanXiao Festival is also the birthday of Heaven Officer who blesses human luck. So many people pray for luck either at home or go to Taoism temple.

Yuan-Xiao Festival is a traditional Chinese festival going back to the Han Dynasty of over 2000 years ago. There is a story about the Lantern Festival. A beautiful heavenly bird flew down a village and was killed. The God of Heaven was very anger and wanted to burn down the entire village on the 15th lunar day. One wise guy advised every family hang candle lanterns around the house, carried lantern on the street, burn fire outside to explode the firecracker at the 15th lunar night. The soldiers of the God of Heaven saw the village was on fire from the heaven, and returned back to the heaven. The village survived and people keep the lantern activity on this day every year.

There is not only the lantern display in the town center square or next to the temple, but also a traditional riddle games will be held in the temple. The questions will be related to the lantern displays, currently news, or popular persons in town. When the game started, the person who got the answers first, who won a price.


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