Why chose these 3 plug-ins and set up these 5 widgets?

SEARCH–It’s an easier way for visitors searching specially topic they want about my site.

MIS 3538 Social Media Innovation (Links)—It’s a more convenient way for me to submit my assignments after I update my blog, another easy way for me to track my status of all my assignment.

Categories—It can be set up by automatically showing post counts, which track clearly about all my recent relative posts.

Recent Posts—Let visitors can read the newest post I updated.

Blogroll (Links)—Provide other relative resources for visitors to visit.

Google Analytics—Track my WordPress site statistics easily with a huge metadata, also Google Analytics Dashboard gives me the ability to view all the status such as Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Avg.Time on Site, Bounce Rate, New Visits…

Google Calendar—Another earlier way to track my tasks, reminds me the deadline of all the assignments.

WordTwit—Visitors are easier to see my Tweets recently, in order to tweet me…


Photo: “Plugins” on WordPress.com, “Widgets” on prodigitaltips.com.

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