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Must Be 21 or Older to Enter.

Have you ever been to the casino but felt intimidated to play any of the table games? Well, my blog is going to explain many different games provided by casinos. Each post will go into depth about one specific game, and I’ll explain how to play the game, your odds, different strategies, and most importantly how to have fun yet at the same time play responsibly.

As a table games dealer myself, I understand how hard a casino game can be at first. Hopefully by explaining different games and techniques, you’ll understand the basics, look like a pro in the casino, and maybe impress your friends with all the new found knowledge. By all means, my blog isn’t a guaranteed way to win at the casino. It’s just an informative site so each player knows what he/she is doing out on the casino floor. Always remember, gambling can become a very serious matter. Just remember to play smart, be responsible, and know when to stop.

I’m looking forward to my first post explaining the game I know best, Blackjack. Stay tuned…

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