All They Do Is Lin

Now that the Knicks have this emerging young star, Jeremy Lin, in the picture, how will this affect Amare and Mello? Without the two of them, the Knicks have averaged 11 more points per game. I find that amazing considering they are getting paid a lot more than Lin and all Lin does is win. This is what we have been looking for, a point guard who can be the court general making all the calls. Granted, this team can’t make it anywhere in the playoffs without Mello and Amare, but with Lin, everyone plays better.

Lin-sannity is traveling all over the nation and he is the hottest commodity around. He out played Kobe when they beat the Lakers. He outplayed Rubio when they beat the Timberwolves. He made the Nets, Jazz and Wizards look stupid. It appears that he is Lin-possible to stop. If Amare, Mello and Lin can all play together, this team may be unstoppable in the postseason.

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