A Look at a Stanley Cup Run

Let me start by saying, that video gets me pumped for this Stanley Cup Playoffs every time I watch it. The Rangers have all of the pieces to make a run and they could be well on their way to a Lord Stanley title.

Well deserving of the one seed for the playoffs, the Rangers have looked sharp in their first three games while taking a 2-1 series lead. Especially last night, Henrik made 39 saves, many of which were spectacular. He saved the game on multiple occasions with saves that only god himself could save. The second period alone had me on the edge of my seat constantly biting my fingernails. The second period saw many opportunities for both sides and the action was non stop. I couldn’t believe that shot off the post didn’t find its way into the back of the net. Anderson was literally going save for save with Lundqvist. Then Finally, Boyle squeaked one past in the third to take the lead and put me at ease for the time being. But I felt in the pit of my stomach another overtime game like game 2. Sudden death overtime is the most nerveracking situation because if the other team scores, the game is over and that feeling leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Anyways, that game 3 victory gives the Rangers a nice 2-1 lead and puts them in great position for the rest of this series on route to a playoff run at the cup.

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