Archive for February 24th, 2011

Until the internet can be supervised, which i don’t recommend or agree with, then events and actions like this will always take place. Propaganda has been and always will be a part of society. Something like this is definitely not affecting me in any way, shape or form. The information i retain and receive does not come from a facebook status. Also if anyone is concerned with there personal safety and actively monitors they personal online safety then this shouldn’t be an issue with them either. The government is going to do what they feel necessary to protect our nation and in the process may do something unethical. As much of a scheme this may seem to be, in reality it may not be. If you do not know a person then don’t allow them to become your friend in your online social network. Otherwise the government could use sites like these to coordinate Intel of a person trying to hurt a large number of people. Also if you are doing anything wrong then you shouldn’t have anything to hide. It definitely shouldn’t be on the internet if it is that personal, so why people would make such a big deal out of this is beyond me.