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I have completed 4 square task 2. I have earned three badges, one was for my first check in. The second was called the swarm, in which i attended an event that 50 other members of 4 square also attended. The third was when i checked into work, when i was there 4 times in a week, which happens quite often. I like checking into places on 4 sqaure because it gives you tips and hints on places to go that are near by your current location. It also shows who the mayor of that location is and it is a fun interactive check in on places you have been and plan to go.

The first company I choose to do research about and which helped me do the research was Google. Google had become a huge hit since its inception in 1998 and it has changed the world ever since. Anything anyone ever needed to research was at their fingertips on the Google website. Even thought Google does not have direct links to Facebook and Twitter on their website, or corporate website, you can easily navigate there using Google. There are a variety of different Google sites on Facebook and Twitter, from their own internet browser( Google Chrome) to Google chat, etc…

The Second Company I choose to do research on was the local radio station 97.5FM The Fanatic. This is a local sports talk radio on the FM station, one of the first in the entire country. It has become so popular that it has its own app for the smart phone, they’re are 4 different hosts throughout the day, each of them having Facebook and Twitter accounts. On these Facebook and Twitter accounts, and also on their text board they are able to interact with many fans during real time. Also it is a great way for businesses to promote themselves, whether it be on air or on the website. On their website they have links to their Facebook, Twitter, the text board, and how to download the app for your smart phone.

Both companies do great jobs of promoting themselves, they have both built up reputations and have earned the reputations they have built. Google doesn’t really need to gain anything from social media because they have already redefined how to use the internet and the way people do research. However, 97.5FM The Fanatic uses the social media to their advantage to help them gain more listeners to the shows. The hosts of the shows are able to talk to the listeners while there on the show. Instead of everyone having to wait to call in and talk, people can send messages, or post comments on their Facebook wall. They can have social interactions through Twitter, or you can send them a text message. I feel these are great ways to reach out to listeners and bring more listeners to their following.

Depending on what type of company it was is how I would measure its success. However, i personally believe that the way 97.5FM is doing is it incredible. I have been listening to them for a year and a half and their following has increased substantially. They made the switch to FM in 2008, and haven’t looked back. The way they interact with the fans and how they promote different events and get listeners to follow them and listen to them is great.

I am going to pick the Philadelphia Phillies as the company I would like to discussion for this blog question.  The reason I am picking the phillies is because the season is about to begin and their remains a lot of unquestioned looks at the Phillies and how they are going to perform this season. I would describe the Phillies as a hybrid organization. Even thought the team has to follow the rules stated by Major League Baseball, they still get to make their own choices in their organization.

The current team has had a face lift of sorts from the roster that was of championship caliber in 2008. In order for the Phillies to have great success this season they need to be led by their four CHAMPIONS, the four starting pitchers in the rotation, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels. It is key for these pitches to excel every time they are on the mound in order for the Phillies to dominate throughout the regular season and deep into the playoffs.

On the other side it will also be important for the CATALYSTS of the offense to have big seasons this year as well. They are Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard. With the loss of Jayson Werth in free agency and the return of Chase Utley unknown, it is going to be important for these two players to get big hits early and often in games, to get the team fired up and ready to produce runs. These offensive catalysts are going to be a huge factor in helping out the Champions, in order for this team to be successful. Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard( Catalysts) along with the staring rotation(Champions) are going to have to work together day in and day out for this hybrid organization to have success and bring home another World Series Chamopionship.