In many ways social media is new, and many ways its not. It not new in ways because people have always interacted and talked to one another, forever. However when the word media is involved it is thought of as news, radio, TV, magazines, etc… It has now become much more then that, in a way AOL was the first innovator of this with its instant messaging. Then Cell Phones were starting to gain popularity around the same time. These grew along with emails, and these three methods started a new way to begin discussing and interacting with everyone. The way social media is used today is completely different then it has ever been, i have recently just got a smart phone and i cannot believe the amount of information that i have at my fingertips. Anything i need i can do, however without that it wasn’t possible. The grow of Facebook, twitter, AOL instant messenger, emails, cell phone text messages, has changed the way everyone interacts with one another. It requires new skills, because people need to learn to ways to interact with people and get the attention of people that personally do not know. It is difficult to get the attention of someone when you do not know how to spark their interest. It is going to be interesting to see how someone will find a way to take over this part of society at the dawning of the age of technology.

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