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Best rice dish ever!

Hey guys, this time I’m going to take to a Malaysian restaurant call Banana Leaf to try out  one of my favorite rice dish. I was introduced to this place a few years ago and was curious to try out this dish. After that time, pineapple fried rice became the must order dish for me at Banana leaf. you can probably see from the picture, some ingredients are shrimp, pineapple, green peas, carrots, all serve on half crave pineapple shell. The presentation is very attractive and it taste totally different than the traditional fried rice. If you like a little sweetness and clean texture, this dish is a must try.

Location: 1009 Arch St, Philadelphia 19107(At N 10th St)

Good food that you will never forget.

I visited HongKong when I was 15, tried so much good food while I was there. One of the dish I will never forget is the wonton noodle soup at a back ally restaurant. This dish is usually serve with a hot broth and wontons, I think the broth is definitely a make or break for this dish. Some restaurants would spend hours to make their broth and some would have msg added to enhance the taste. Sangkee restaurants definitely creates a one of the better broth, but if you really want to go for a legit wonton noodle soup, save up for a plane ticket and travel to HongKong.


One of my favorite rice dish!

This time I’m taking you guys to one of my favorite place in China town. When I was little my parents would bring to to Sangkee every time we come to Philly, it is almost like a tradition. Even tough i come here a lot, I’m have not get bored of the food yet. Their quality haven’t decline at all like other some Asian restaurants that I used to go to. The dish I want you guys to try is call onion pork on rice. The sauce from Sangkee is what makes a dish like this from good to awesome. The price is around 7 bucks, is your rice with a tasty sauce, this is a dish you must try.

Location:3549 Chestnut St  Philadelphia, PA

Let me know what you guys think.

Valentine’s day special, lets live a little.


Some of the food

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This time i’m going to take you to my favorite Japanese buffet, Minado. Let me tell you the bad news first, this place is a bit pricey to me, $30 per person. Dinner options starts at 6:00pm and it ends at 9:30pm. If you guys going to try this out, definitely go for dinner,  the food is so much better at night. Even though is a bit expensive for an buffet, but man its worth every penny. This place offers hibachi grill, snow crab legs, over 20 different kinds of sushi, these are just my favorite. They have like 3 different kinds of season salad, 3 different kinds sashimi. Everything at this place taste great, i mean including dessert. They probably makes one of the best green tea ice cream. Go for it guys, buffet does not get any better than this. If you are a Japanese food fan, this place is a must go.


(610) 277-7375

2917 Swede Rd (W Germantown Pike)
East Norriton, PA 19401

Ba Le Bakery subs good enough to compete with Wawa?

After shopping for groceries on the weekend, we wanted grab something fast on the go, so stopping by Ba Le Bakery for some Vietnamese style subs. For many subs eaters out there including myself, we usually think of Wawa when it comes to good subs. However, if you love the favoring in Asian food and a sub with good texture, give this place a try. I recommend for starter to go with number one on the menu, the grill pork sub. The pork has been season with fish sauce as the main ingredient, then they put sweet and sour carrots, fresh cilantro, jalapeno pepper and little sesame sauce on their in house fresh made buns. The taste and texture offer by this sub is off the chart, the best part you can buy one around 4 bucks.


Location:606 Washington Ave Map.a7ec2f8
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Enjoy, let me know if you guys like it