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I really enjoyed my stay for the few years I was enrolled in Florida Atlantic University and wanted to share what south Florida is all about.

First I was intrigued the first time I took a tour of the campus. The main campus is filled with palm trees, ponds, and iguana’s which is a lot different than the northeast’s landscape. I went to FAU with one of my best friends from home but it ended up being too far from home was not what he wanted and he moved back to PA.

My friend and I at the entrance of FAU

I met some good friends while in Florida and discovered we all enjoyed adventures so Freshman year we would take weekend trips to the keys. It was about a 3hr drive to Key Largo & Islemorada so we could take out boats in Islemorada and found a nice place in Largo where we could rent a few bungalow’s.

A few friends and I on a boat of the coast of Islemorada
My friends and I at the BBQ pit at our Bungalow’s in Largo

Sophmore year a good friend and I decided to move off campus and found a nice place in a community called Windwood. The community was amazing: 0.5 miles from campus, 0.5 miles from the beach, 2 pools, recreation area, and out my bedroom I had a…

Windwood Lake- “”

The area itself was just as good (if not better) as FAU’s campus. Boca Raton is town in south Florida located between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale so there was always something to do. A few of my friends that were locals to the area had boats on the large inlet in Boca so we would go out on those in our free time.

Overview of Boca Raton- “”

Other than boating and fishing a few other activities I enjoyed while I was there was surfing and relaxing on the beach. The popular beach most students would go to was Pompano Beach. I recently found a surf cam for the beach in which I find myself watching now during the cold gray days here in the northeast. If you click the photo it will take you to the cam.

Boca Surf Cam- “”

Other than the ‘extracurricular activities’ I did attend classes every day. To give an overview of the campus here a few images:

FAU’s student center and cafeteria- “”
FAU Campus Map- “”
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