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I have been on a mission to conquer WordPress since the beginning of this semester. I have used other Blog sites before for other classes a few years back and they were pretty straight forward. As Alex said during his presentation Thursday WordPress takes some time to get used to. I finally sat down and took some time to finally figure out the different themes and widgets that can be used throughout my blog.

So far this is what I chose:


This is a good feature for when my post/page numbers start to increase so that people can search for specific information that they want.

Recent Blog’s

When I go to blog’s I like to see the titles of the posts on the sides so I don’t have to scroll through the whole page to find what I want.


Similar to the recent blog’s widget but the pages allows the user to go from page to page easier.


I use the blogroll with all of the sites that were already on it. It allows those browsing to check out other blogs.


I just went back through my posts and picked out the vital information that the post was about. This allows whoever is on my site to find a topic that they like and to find everything in my blog about that topic.


Well this is still on zero but hopefully that will change.

RSS Feed

There are a few sites that I access daily (NOT facebook). I like the RSS feed because it shows more about myself to whoever’s on my blog.

I am really into VW’s and Audi’s and more specifically the Mark II generation of Volkswagen’s so I added the RSS feed of the MKII section of a site called VwVortex (which is actually one of the top five largest forums on the internet).


I also enjoy music a lot and specifically Reggae/Ska/Rock and is an online magazine that is specific to that genre.


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