Philly Tech Week!

The event that I wanted to talk about was the Superfluid in Meatspace event that was on the first day of Tech Week.  This event was a “project-matchmaking” event for tech people around the Philadelphia area that were looking to match up with other people who were looking to start a business.  These matched included programmers, developers, and collaborators that would be interested in helping them start their business.  For more info go to

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My Elevator Pitch

I would have to say I took a lot out of this course, probably more than most of the courses that I have taken so far at Temple.  The reason being was because this was something that truly interested me.  My key ‘take-away’ of this semester would have to be learning about centralized and decentralized organizations and how some can even be hybrid organizations.   As consumers, we should know how industries are run so we can be more educated about them.  In these times of a struggling economy, knowing how businesses run is a key part of being a successful business person.  We are the leaders of the next generation of business people, so our knowledge of organizations is the key to our success.

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What is Social Media?

“It’s that final one, though, that really shows why social media isn’t just a new channel, but really a chance to rethink and redefine our jobs. In the past, “media” was a thing we bought or placed or planned. I think that’s still true, but it is a limiting definition. Today we should take a chance to broaden that. I’d like to offer a new definition of “media”: any moment when the brand and the consumer come into contact with each other.” –Gary Stein, “Nobody Get Social Media…Yet”

Q:In what ways is social media something new and different? In what ways is social media something that has always been around? To what extent does social media require new skills and capabilities for organizations?

A: Social media is something new and different in a ton of different ways.  First of all it allows us as consumers to be able to access load of information about different organizations and products that we might not have known about otherwise.  As social beings, humans need to interact with others as well and this is a huge part of social media as a whole.  With the development of MySpace, twitter, Facebook, and all of the other unknown sites out there, we meet people that we might not have ever met before and we also can reconnect with people that we might not have ever heard from again.

In retrospect, social media has been around for decades.  The innovation of social clubs has definitely impacted social media in a few ways.  Clubs are a way to bring people together that have the same interest in a specific thing.  If you really examine a social media website, that is the main purpose of it.  We need to interact with other human beings because that’s the only way we won’t go completely insane.

In organizations, these days, it is important to have a social media site.  We need to be able to save money in some way and promote as a corporate structure.  The company I work for is a retail business and without their Facebook, a lot of people wouldn’t know about certain events and things going on in our company.  Social media is a huge deal for everyone these days and I don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon.

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Read My Blog!

There are many ways that someone can promote their blogs through the vast array of websites that are out their.  The first and probably easiest way of promoting a blog would be to make a Facebook Fan Page.  This is an easy way because you can invite all of your Facebook friends to “like” the page and build a fan base from there.  Facebook has a great wall tool that shows a preview of the site you are going to when posted in the status bar.  If you look at my blog Facebook site <”″>, you will see that every wall post for the actual blog has a thumbnail photo and small description of the page you are traveling to.

From the Facebook page, I would hope to achieve a following for my blog so that I could actually start making it into a running website.  The ultimate goal is to inspire but beyond that, you want to make money from any venture you pursue.  I would measure this a success if I had a big following of people and sponsors and could make this my career.



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Social Media Promotion






In this week’s discussion question, we were to examine two companies and look into how they promote themselves through social media.  The two companies I chose were Vans and Nike’s Skateboarding sector.

The questions I will examine today on these two companies are:

  • Do the companies do a good job of promoting themselves through social media?
  • What do you think they hope to achieve via a Facebook or Twitter presence?
  • If you were in charge of a company’s Facebook or Twitter initiative, how would you measure if it was a success?

Both of these brands do a pretty good job of promoting through social media.  Vans does a bit better of a job than the Nike SB brand because it is more widely sold.  They have a facebook page that is easily accessible and that takes you directly to their home website.  Nike SB, on the other hand, is a bit less user friendly.  The reason being is that Nike SB is a specialty brand.  There is actually a contract that carriers need to sign that is a very intense process.  No store is allowed to carry the SB brand if there is another store within, what I believe, 20 miles of that store.  This is because they want to keep the brand premier.  Vans are much easier to carry as a store because it is a more widely spread brand.

I think that both of these companies hope to achieve many things with promoting through social media.  First and foremost, these companies promote to make money.  That is the basis for any business.  I believe the second part would be to show new product to the public.  Companies always want to have the latest and greatest new product and by promoting the product through social media platforms, these companies can promote their brand for free.  This bring on my next point, which is cost effectiveness.  Instead of a company paying for a billboard that will cost them thousands and sometimes millions of dollars, they can promote their brand for free on a social media platform.

If I were running either of these company’s facebook pages, I would measure my success in a couple different ways.  I would measure it by the amount of people that were fans of the page and the amount of sales of the products that were featured on the page.  Both of the factors would definitely help a company figure out how well these social media sites worked.

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Music to My Shoes

I just wanted to take the time to show everyone a blog I have been working on recently.  The blog is called Music to My Shoes.  The purpose of it is to bring together the sneaker and music culture and compare artists to different pairs of sneakers.  I really wanted to make people aware and understanding of different cultures in the fashion and music industry and explain the comparison of music to the clothes we wear.  So please check out my blog.  It is also posted on my sidebar in the blogroll.

Also please become a fan of the facebook page.  Just search Music to My Shoes in the search bar.

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Starfish, Spiders, and everything in between…

The organization I am most familiar with and would like to discuss is the company I work for, Zumiez.  Zumiez would be best described as a centralized organization with decentralized qualities.  It is mostly centralized because operations are based out of a home office and sent to each location around the United States.  There are specific guidelines onto which each employee must follow as well.  We have an employee handbook that everyone must follow, projects that every store must complete on certain days, and paperwork that must be completed everyday and sent out to a district manager.

The reason I would say this organization would best be described as a hybrid is because no two stores are the same or have the same layout.  The company gives creative freedom to their employees to make each store their own.  At my store, I am an assistant manager.  My role is to sell, teach, and maintain the store.  With doing this, I am responsible for how the store looks every shift and making it as personal as I can.  We are free to make our own decisions on how the store looks and I think that’s why I enjoy working there the most.

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Is Facebook a viable publishing platform?

Q: What do you think, is it viable to launch a Facebook-only news portal? What are some major advantages and disadvantages? If you were going to create an online news organization, what would it look like?

Facebook has developed a lot over the years to not only become a viable social website but also a great informative website.  I think that it is totally OK to launch a Facebook-only news portal.  There are a ton of advantages in doing this.  First off every time a new post is added to the page, it comes up through a news feed to the user or “friend” and keeps them up to date with certain events.   As users, it is totally friendly to our needs and doesn’t aggravate us with pesky emails and spam.  Personally, I have email on my phone and if I was getting emails every 5 minutes about current news, I would be ready to throw my phone against a brick wall.  No one likes to be bothered with updates every 5 seconds and, through Facebook, we are only bothered when we want to be.  Another advantage would be that users can subscribe to a feed.  In this case, if I were to create a website about the latest and greatest cheese and people who were in the groups did not want to hear about which sharp cheddar won the United Cheese Championships, they wouldn’t need to, but the users who did would be able to subscribe to the feed and keep up on the news.

If I were to create an online news page I would probably keep the page short and to the point.  On the news feed I would create links to specific pages, if people wanted to see more of the particular topic, but I wouldn’t over-consume my readers with a mound of information.

All in all, Facebook is a very viable platform and I am surprised more users don’t take advantage.

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The Ipad 2: A sneek peek thanks to Cnet

Every time Apple releases a new product, I rush to to check out the new product first hand.  This website has been a favorite of mine since I was in high school and has actually helped me with some buying decisions of various different types of technology.  In this video, Donald Bell, Senior Editor for, reviews the new Ipad 2 that was previewed to the public by none other than Steve Jobs himself.

I think there are two things that stand out to me the most with this new Ipad.  First of all, this version will have 2 cameras like its like brother, the Iphone 4.  This will allows users to Facetime with people on other Ipads and will even allow users to Facetime with people using Iphone 4gs.  I know for a fact that my mom would love to get this just so she can get chat with me on a daily basis from anywhere I’m at.  Don’t you love how moms are like that.  Anyway, the second thing that stands out is under the hood.  Apple Ipad 2 will feature an A-5 dual core processor that is being used in most desktop computers.  This, Apple says, promises to make the Ipad 2 twice as fast as its predecessor and with almost 9 times the graphics performance. They are also offering the Ipad 2 with a 64 gb hardrive, amazing! I think the only way they can make the graphics better would be for apple to make a true 3d Ipad with no glasses needed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple releases something to this effect in the next year.  Either way, Steve Jobs and Apple will be making beautiful products for a long time and who knows what they have in store for the Iphone 5, we will just have to wait and see.

To end this post I would like to pose 2 questions.  Do you think that Ipad 2 will help pull Apple to the next level in the tablet PC world?  Are there any other tablets that you’ve seen that you believe are more advanced or user friendly?

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1 New Notification: Uncle Sam has Posted on Your Wall

This photo was provided by and user: ollie_BLK-MLK

Q: Social media, like other information outlets, can undoubtedly influence public opinion. What ethical considerations do you think governments and corporations should have when attempting to influence others? Does creating fake online personas go too far? Does it matter if the government or a corporate does it? Does it matter if the target is US citizens or “foreign foes”?

I think that many thing should go into consideration when the government decides to influence others.  They really should take into account the right to privacy.  Then again, the internet is a public forum for most.  There are many things the government is hiding from the public and this is just one of the many.  The really should take precaution when doing this to themselves as well.  There are many people around the world that are a lot smarter than the computer personnel that work for the federal structure.  Making these fake accounts could potentially put the government infrastructure at risk to be hacked into and, much worse, be released into the public to view.

Creating fake people on the internet are things that our government has been trying to stop for a while now to stop identity theft.  How is this any different?  A government official is creating a fake identity to influence the thoughts of citizens.  This is propaganda at its finest.

This article also explains that corporate businesses are doing this as well.  This, I do agree with.  I think that sometimes that is the only way to figure something out about an employee aside from hacking into their email and wiring their phone.  Employees who work for these companies are now property of that company for as long as they work there.  They should have nothing to hide from that company and if they do, there is probably something shady going on behind the scenes.  Personally, I manage a retail store, and if we suspect an employee of stealing merchandise, the first thing we do is check their facebooks for pictures or comments that might lead to us catching them bare handed.  Is this unethical?  My answer is no.  What is unethical is a trusted employee stealing from a company that has 100% confidence that they aren’t going to steal.

The bottom line is that the government is going to do what the government wants to do.  We as citizens should be smart enough to not post things that may come across as a threat to the country.  The scary part about it is who is watching us right now.

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