Starfish, Spiders, and everything in between…

The organization I am most familiar with and would like to discuss is the company I work for, Zumiez.  Zumiez would be best described as a centralized organization with decentralized qualities.  It is mostly centralized because operations are based out of a home office and sent to each location around the United States.  There are specific guidelines onto which each employee must follow as well.  We have an employee handbook that everyone must follow, projects that every store must complete on certain days, and paperwork that must be completed everyday and sent out to a district manager.

The reason I would say this organization would best be described as a hybrid is because no two stores are the same or have the same layout.  The company gives creative freedom to their employees to make each store their own.  At my store, I am an assistant manager.  My role is to sell, teach, and maintain the store.  With doing this, I am responsible for how the store looks every shift and making it as personal as I can.  We are free to make our own decisions on how the store looks and I think that’s why I enjoy working there the most.

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