Innovating with Social Media: Facebook, Flash, Blogs and Wikipedia

Updated Class Schedule

Now that the disruption of a major snow storm is behind us (including the rescheduled guess speaker), we’re been able to devise a definitive updated schedule for the next month of class. Here it is!

T – 2/23 — Animation in Flash; Database Assignment posted to site
Th – 2/25 — Web Style Guide 1-3 and 4; discussion of Database Assignment

T – 3/2 — Starfish and Spider – Chapters 6,7,8,9
Th – 3/4 — DUE: Flash Animation
Th – 3/4 — Creating audio slide shows in Flash

T/Th – 3/9&11 — Spring Break

T – 3/16 – DUE: Database assignment
T – 3/16 – Reading to be announced on search engine optimization
Th – 3/18 – Creating audio slide shows in Flash

The major changes (and reminders) for due dates and reading assignments are noted in bold highlighting. Let me know if you have any questions.

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