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Editing Audio with Audacity


• Is a FREE audio editing program
• Is available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms
• Is easy to use and learn. It’s really good for fast, simple edits.
• Download it here:

The Audacity Interface

• Audacity will import files in the following formats: .aiff, .wav, .mov, .mp3. .au
• When Audacity opens your sound file, it will present itself to you as an audio wave form.
• To listen to the sound, press the SPACE bar. To stop the sound, press the SPACE bar again. You may also use the VCR-like PLAY, PAUSE, REW, FF and RECORD buttons at the top of the screen.
• Watch how the PLAYBACK HEAD transverses the wave form. The section of the waveform that the Playback Head is over represents the part of the audio file associated with that sound.
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