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Update to Atahualpa Theme

For those of you using the Atahualpa theme, we now have a solution to the previously reported bugs. There’s an updated version of the theme that takes care of them.

The install the updated version, head to your WordPress Dashboard, choose Themes, and selecte the Atahualpa theme.

That’s it! Your problems will be solved! Well, the ones with the theme, at least. 🙂

Configuring Your Blog: WordPress Themes

As many of you have noted, the default blog theme for your newly created blogs does not match up well with our course needs. Mainly, after you post a new blog post, it does not show up on the “landing page” of your blog.

To fix this problem, you will need to pick a new theme for your blog. (Because we are using a multiuser implementation of WordPress, we are restricted to choosing from the themes made available by our local administrator.)

  • There is a new theme now available to the class called atahualpa that provides quite a bit of flexibility for personalizing your blog. As we start covering more features of website developing, the available options will start to make more sense to you. (I also need to check with our WordPress administrator if it is possible to adjust images… the default setting for that theme is to rotate between two provided banner images.)
  • If you would prefer your blog to maintain a more consistent look with other blogs at, I recommend choosing the blog_w_3columns_categories_tags_w_blocks 1.1 by FoxMIS theme.

To change your blog theme:

  1. Go to your blog Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Appearance sub-menu
  3. Choose Themes
  4. Choose Activate for the desired theme

If you run into any problems… feel free to post a question to this post, to email me, to confer with a classmate who has it working, or ask me for help before or after class.