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Discussion Question #5: Classroom Knowledge….

What have you learned in the classroom that you have leveraged in your internship?  Please respond by commenting to this post.


Please check the gradebook to see if you are missing any assignments.  You will have a NO if I have not received it from you and it is past due.

One Response to Discussion Question #5: Classroom Knowledge….

  • – Excel course: Excel is the essential business software so the online Excel class helps me tremendously work with spreadsheets.

    – MIS 3535 (Project Management course): This class is directly related to my project management internship. One of the main reasons that I got hired is knowing MS Project.

    – MIS 2501 (IT Architecture course): I use a MacBook so I can’t get access to MS Project. This class helps me set up a virtual machine with Window to install and use MS Project. Also, flash research papers train me to think about presenting the big picture in a concise and engaging way to my supervisors.

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