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Question #1: Internship Discussion

I hope everyone is off to a good start at your internships.  We have a bunch of students doing internships and participating in this forum.   Please feel free to respond to one another here if you have questions or comments.

The first question is easy: Where will you be working/worked?  What will you be doing/did?

Please post a comment to this post and share with everyone what some of your responsibilities will be/were.  Others may have questions or may be doing the same types of things.

Please be sure that your user ID is your name and not your TU email alias and also that you have an avatoar.  We want to know who is posting.



9 Responses to Question #1: Internship Discussion

  • Internship Company Bio:

    Bolt On Technology designs automotive software solutions that solve the common struggles facing the Automotive Repair Industry. The solutions provide repair facilities with PC and mobile technology, resulting in an increase in productivity, efficiency, and professionalism. The software consists of several products, which communicate and interact concurrently. The products offered, fully integrate with multiple shop management systems, providing the capability to push and pull data between shop databases.

    Role and Responsibilities:

    Manage the oversight and completion of projects between Bolt On Technology and partner company’s. Throughout the project process, I use Microsoft Project to develop WBS’s to stay on track, under budget, and follow the critical path’s, and utilize ERP software for backend processes.

    Plan the different phases of projects and follow them through: initiating, plaining, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

    Work with the Senior Software Engineer and partner company developers on projects pertaining to our API, in order to maintain proper documentation of the API calls as well as proper integration.

    Help to provide solutions to edit sequences and calls to correctly push and pull data to an array of shop management systems (database).

    Some ongoing projects focus on working with multiple CRM companies that can benefit from utilizing the API we provide in order to enhance its marketing solutions. The main benefit provided is with real time two-way database integration and automated services provided from our software solutions and API.

  • Hi class,

    This past summer, I interned at the School District of Philadelphia. I specifically worked in the Procurement/Information Technology Office working on a variety of projects. On my first day, I was thrown right in to a project that they have been working on for months. In procurement, they were in the process of acquiring numerous amounts of services and products for the school district. At first I didn’t know much about the way they do things so I was lost… but there process system was fairly simple because it was close to SQL. So I am thankful for the MIS 2502 class. A few days in, I got the hang of the system, got comfortable with the tasks that were given to me, and eventually moved to in-person client meetings. I attended client meetings multiple times of the week who brought different services and products so I had to do a lot of research beforehand to better understand the contracts that were formed to acquire their services.

    From time to time, I worked in the Information Technology Office doing maintenance on the computers and overall systems of the building. I also helped co-workers who had technical problems ranging from hardware issues to simple internet connection problems. I had a very positive experience at the School District. The people were very nice and helped a lot when I needed help or had a question. So that was my experience working at the School District and I look forward to reading about the rest of the classes experience. Feel free to ask any questions.

  • Company/Internship Bio:

    QVC is an American cable, satellite and broadcast television network, and multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping that is owned by Liberty Interactive. IT is mainly responsible for further developing QVC’s brands on multiple platforms across multiple countries.

    My Roles & Responsibilities:

    Approve and set times for critical changes to take place in the company. This involves knowing when and how to set the changes in order to make sure they are not affecting consumers, and they are being set in the right time zone since QVC is an international company.

    Attend Change Advisory Board meetings to determine how a certain change may affect the company and whether or not this change should be approved. Determine who this change may affect, and if it should be discussed further, or simply denied.

    Work with interns across all of IT on a huge project assigned to us by management. This will involve developing a QVC shopping bot that responds to user requests and returns images and product descriptions. Work closely with these other interns to determine how to utilize our resources to develop a functional bot in a limited time period.

    Conduct “Walk-a-miles” with other departments within IT to learn more about how IT impacts QVC as a whole. Learn and take interest in other departments to make sure there are connections there, and openly reach out to other teams for assistance or advice.

  • This semester I will be an intern at QVC. I will be an intern in the Global Interactive Department. Interactive at QVC is a global function, and determines the future designs of their digital platforms and prioritizes the introduction of new features and functions for all of QVC’s markets. I don’t start until Monday January 23rd, but the roles and responsibilities described to me include: Assist in developing Global Interactive SharePoint site, Assist in coordinating the Intake Review meetings, Organize and document the intake details, Create Interactive requests for work, Assist in the incorporating market requests into the Global intake process, Prepare and assist in conducting Product Management Intake Review meetings (with each product vertical), check points, interfacing with Interactive leaders on intake documentation and needs, Help requestors translate their requests into clear project objectives, top-line requirements, ROI, and measures of success by creating request for work, Create the market reports on the status of the Interactive Intake and Roadmap delivery and communicate it to market stakeholders. Some of these responsibilities sound familiar, but some of them are totally new concepts to me. It sounds like a very interesting position that aligns well with the MIS major and I’m very excited to get started!

  • Hey Everyone,

    This semester I will be continuing my internship here at Temple University in the Career Center office. I work directly under the Associate Director of Assessment and Technology on the Post Graduation Plans Survey data analysis. Primarily I am responsible for assessment support, assistance with reception and promotion or the career center, data entry, follow up, and analysis of the Temple University Post Graduation Plans Survey. Development and support of additional evaluations based on new and upcoming programs on an as needed basis.

    Duties include organizing and analyzing confidential student data in Excel and/or Access, working in SurveyMonkey and OwlNetwork to develop and implement surveys, review website content and rewrite as appropriate in collaboration with other Career Center teams, support front desk tasks such as answering phones, scheduling appointments for students and alumni, calling students/alumni to confirm appointments, and other various tasks on request.

  • Hi everyone,

    Last summer I was a digital marketing analyst at the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts located here in Philadelphia. My main goals were to analyze the marketing team’s metrics using programs such as Google Analytics and Excel to see which campaigns were making noticeable improvements, as well as to analyze and improve the Kimmel Center’s website.
    Some of the duties I had for the first part of my internship were performing A/B tests on different email campaign headlines to see which type of headline had a higher click rate, as well as which category of emails (Broadway, Subscribers, etc.) were being ignored the most. I used WordFly to see email metrics, and then copied them into Excel to analyze them through pivot tables. Additionally, I used Google Analytics to analyze bounce rate on different pages of the website with different variables such as device type to see if there were any issues with our website. I uncovered that users who were mobile had a higher bounce rate on our home page, which I theorized to be due to the fact that the web page was taking way too long to load as it was overpacked with videos and high-resolution photos.
    For the second part of my internship, I was tasked with understanding the new CMS Episerver editor used to edit pages on the Kimmel Center’s website as well as to understand how the new main page template worked on the backend. This was important because each department at KC edits their own web pages and needed to be instructed on how to use the new templates. Thus, once I taught myself how Episerver works, I was able to hold multiple meetings with different departments across the floor to instruct employees on how to use the new editor.
    Another task I was given was detecting bugs in the website’s code. This was difficult, because an entire new website was implemented just days before I came to the Kimmel– and because it was so new, it was still full of bugs. This was done using JIRA, which was monitored by myself and an entire team of staff. We used a program to watch individual sessions of users on KC’s website, and if there were navigational problems during site sales the bugs would be promptly reported.
    Any other tasks I was given fell into either the category of website editing or analytics analysis.

  • I hope you are enjoying your semester so far!

    I have been the Director of Business Development for iBusiness Technologies for the past 6 months and with the company for about three years in total. My current role focuses on managing sales representatives, sales forecasts, product demos, and customer relationships while simultaneously fortifying our corporate relationship with Apple, Inc.

    My previous career as a Business Account Manager at Apple, Inc. provides a level of credibility that is instrumental when working with trusted and referred clients from over 450+ national Apple business teams. As our Business Development Director, I ensure prospects of all sizes understand the value of integrating mobile technologies. I provide customer facing webinars and custom engineered solutions that cover MDM, database development, and our proprietary turn-key paperless solution MobiliForms.

    Looking forward to working with you this semester,


  • During this semester, I will be interning at The Franklin Institute. I will be working as a Digital Media Intern.

    During the internship, I will be assisting with website initiatives such as managing a digital calendar, editing or writing copy for digital efforts, tracking and analyzing competitors digital campaigns, creating interactive PDFs, and etc. I will be researching various topics for the digital content calendar and schedule. In addition to that, I will also be building a portfolio in content management and creation. I don’t start for another few days but I am excited to learn essential digital tools and concepts used frequently by business and IT professionals such as CMS, Google Analytics, SEO strategies, UX, Responsive Web Design, and many more.

  • I work as a software developer at the GenEd department and will be working concurrently at Computer Services shortly.
    At GenEd I get to do some of everything. I manage the server, analytics, WordPress and do custom design and development. This semester I’ll be making a tool for students and advisors intended to replace the GenEd course booklet and make it easier to search for GenEd classes based on personal interests. I’ll also be refactoring the other apps I’ve made in the time I’ve worked there, ensuring there’s consistent documentation, and finding someone else to maintain the site after I graduate.
    At Computer Services I’ll be working in the Business Process Improvement Group.They create and support existing services for transferring documents to and around the university. So, by and large, I’ll be working with .Net web services and JavaEE on TU Portal.

  • Hello everyone,
    I recently started a Business Intelligence internship at Wawa HQ in Media, PA. I am and will be responsible for assisting in the day to day operations of the Business Intelligence Development teams. Primary responsibilities include working with senior member to execute the technical tasks that are assigned in the development of Microstrategy reports, dashboards and data loads using Python scripts and SQL.
    I answer directly to the Senior SAP Architect. Recently i have been in Business Explorer (BEx) creating and editing queries to then upload into Microstrategy. BEx Analyzer is an analytical, reporting and design tool embedded in Microsoft Excel. In BEx Analyzer, you can analyze and plan with selected InfoProvider data using the context menu or drag and drop to navigate in queries created in BEx Query Designer. I am still learning a lot as I go and will continue to be exposed to new software.

  • Hey Guys!

    This semester I will continue my internship with Bquipped, LLC. Bquipped is a local Philadelphia sports technology startup company which looks to take the guesswork out of the sports equipment search process. We utilize proprietary survey technology and data collection methods to survey athletes about their equipment. This information is then used to power our equipment finder applications. These applications are used in consulting contracts with sports organizations as well as equipment brands, and licensed as a SaaS technology.

    I work primarily in data analytics and business development for Bquipped, as a Sports Technology Intern. I work a lot with the first-hand player survey data and utilize tools like Excel and Tableau. I have developed skills in these systems both through Temple MIS course work and this internship. I report directly to the CEO of the company, and assist her on a lot of our business development projects. As we grow as a company I look forward to helping to expand the value proposition in my work.

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have been interning at Subaru of America, Inc for the past 8 months in their unique year long internship program. I specifically work within the field/sales operations department. I am responsible for daily reports generated in excel, utilizing VBA to ensure accuracy and effectiveness within the reports. This role includes being held accountable for general sales forecasting, generating the monthly sales calendar and tempo, and several ad-hoc reports, daily. I work in direct contact with the COO, Senior Vice President of Sales, and the VP of field and distributor operations. I work mainly in excel with brief usage of access to analyze sales and financial data. I also had the opportunity to create a live model that was distributed to the field. This report utilized several macros within excel and allowed retailers to leverage sales to add incremental profit to their business. The connections I have made in my internship are quite amazing and I am learning more and more everyday at work. Although I am generally not associated with IT, I make frequent contacts with the IT manager in order to enhance and change reports within our database management system to ensure consistency and fluency within Subaru of America, Inc. I am looking forward to a great last semester!

    • Hi Jon,

      That’s a very cool work experience that you have had. What program did you use to generate the sales forecasts? In my internship at Checkpoint Systems, 2 years ago I forecasted monthly/quarterly cash flows using Qlikview and SAP. Good look in you internship!

  • Hello all,
    I worked with Philadelphia VIP in center city Philadelphia for the past year within their Operations Management team. VIP is a legal services firm that works to connect low income Philadelphian’s with Pro-Bono lawyers who can help them with their cases. My primary supervisor is the Director of Operations, however I more closely worked with the head data analyst. I was responsible for day to day case management and processing into their database ( Legal Server) as well as lots of their office IT tasks. I helped create and manage projects for the operations team, as well as doing research for the Executive Director. Many of my projects were simple analysis with Excel on reports run for certain time periods to better predict trends in the way certain case types were picked up, or needed more attention. My daily work with case processing were intakes of clients and managing those profiles within the server. I helped plan and transition into the launch of their new website and also ran reports on metrics needed for Firm meetings by the Executive director.

  • Hello,

    I am currently interning a Jarvus, a software engineering and management consulting company. My role is to be responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client’s specifications. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. By the end of my internship I would have had to develop a functioning mobile application, which will help gain base knowledge in PHP, Java, MySQL, C+ and Android Studio. I appoint directly to the CEO and the other staff as a main resource. I am excited to learn and grow in this field.

  • Hello everyone!
    I’m currently interning with Global Bilingual Solutions, a multilingual solutions company, as their business development intern. I have been interning with Global Bilingual Solutions for 6 months now as a business development intern as well, but during those six months, I focused more on customer relationship management and sales than anything else. This semester during my internship, I’ll be responsible for recreating, updating, and optimizing the company’s website and social media pages. I will also be doing some research on SEO as well as starting to track website traffic and analyze the data we collect. I have already created a survey for them which I will distribute and collect data from in order to analyze the satisfaction rates of our customers. I am also going to continue updating the customer relationship management database I created in excel for the company. Lastly, I will be presenting my findings during our monthly team meetings.

  • Hey all,

    I am continuing my internship role with Bquipped this semester, which is a local sports technology startup based out of Philly. At Bquipped, we use survey technology to analyze the athletic equipment market, as well as the playing styles and buying preferences that factor into an athletes equipment choice. We use this information to create equipment finder applications, as well as provide consulting to sports equipment brands. As a Sports Technology Intern, some of my responsibilities include creating data visualizations for clients using Tableau, designing and testing surveys for optimal functionality of our proprietary algorithm, updating and adding data specs into the CMS, researching new and relevant technology for possible integration, and managing some of the company’s social media pages. Most recently, I have been collaborating with another Temple MIS intern to pioneer an ice hockey branch for the company.

  • Hello everyone!

    I interned at Deloitte Consulting. My role was helping a government entity create a synthetic data center of excellence to ensure that data testing is secure and representative of real data testing. This was part of a larger project to modernize the organization’s IT system over 20 years, yet the synthetic data center was meant to be used outside of this flagship project. The center would be used by all project teams in the government entity to get fake test data to see if their technologies worked.

    At the same time, I worked on a Guatemalan non-governmental organization’s turnover issue. The turnover issue was specifically within the organization’s back-end office that leveraged fair trade to empower Mayan women. Employees left within one year for higher-paying jobs, resulting in knowledge loss and talent issues. Over the duration of the internship, I worked with a consulting team and stakeholders to identify the reasons for turnover and ways to reduce turnover. We also looked for ways to reduce turnover-related costs, such as recruitment, training, and knowledge loss.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently having my Co-Op at Guy Carpenter as a Catastrophe Risk Modeler. Guy Carpenter is a reinsurance arm leader and has three main lines of business. One is brokerage, which focuses on obtaining clients, insurance companies who are looking for reinsurance. Second is advisory, which advises insurance companies on reinsurance strategies and options. Third is analytics, and that is the division I am in. My role will be focused on analyzing catastrophic events and applying the results to underwriting risk, reinsurance purchasing, portfolio management and other policy pricing. The data for the analysis, I will extract using MS Access, MS SQL and catastrophe modeling databases like AIR and RMS. After extracting the data, I will create the desired results using excel and another internal software. Since I started the Co-Op last week, I am still learning all of the terminology of the industry as well as familiarizing myself with the software I will be working with.
    Throughout the Co-Op I am planning on enhancing my SQL and Access skills which I learned taking Data Analytics. Furthermore, I would like to improve my critical thinking and analytical skills which will help me going forward.

  • Hi everyone,

    I worked at KPMG last summer as an IT Advisory Intern. I was able to work with 5 different clients over the summer doing IT Auditing. I worked on testing any automated system the client had to make sure things were running smoothly and accurately. Over the summer I was able to become proficient enough in the work I was doing to be able to work from home for the last 2 weeks. I was also offered a full time position 17 months before graduation.

  • I will be interning at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Telecommunication and Networks Department. It is one of the twelve Reserve Banks in the United States and ultimately facilitates with monetary policy within the country and mints money.

    There, I will be working with their Telecommunication and Expense (TEM) System. As a team, we will manipulate their inventory tracking system, develop charts to analyze cost tracking (monthly and YTD) and track traffic and develop reports to show all usage Bank wide, Department wide, and user detail.

    Thus far, we have used Excel to manipulate data and import and export data into the official TEM system when it is appropriate. The internship has also given me the opportunity to see other parts of the Federal Reserve and see the physical equipment used by various sectors of the bank.

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