MIS 3581, Spring 2017–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

Describe your experience?  Anybody staying on part-time?  Anybody have a lead on a permanent job?

19 Responses to Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

  • I will be starting with Deloitte full-time in July! This internship incited confidence in me, since I already did the work of an analyst, so I am comfortable doing it when I start. I also feel well-prepared, as I have a network at Deloitte and an understanding of what it takes to be successful. With consulting, I do not know on which project I will be placed, but knowing about the firm’s processes goes a long way.

    I enjoyed my internship and learned new skills in Excel, XMLs, software creation, quality assurance, etc., which I plan to transfer to my full-time position. Speaking with consultants, I realized the value of extracurricular activities, so I hope to get involved from the very start. I have a feeling that the softer skills learned and understanding of the firm’s culture will only increase in value over time. I am very excited to start!

  • Overall the time I spent at my internship was amazing. I can honestly say that I enjoyed and actually looked forward to going in the office each day. I was given a great opportunity to dabble in different areas in order to see what opportunity would benefit me and the company the best. Between working on several ongoing projects and traveling to multiple cities over this time, was truly exciting. I was offered and have excepted a full-time position at the company and look forward to what this opportunity will bring. It is nice to have found and be a part of a culture that is fun and uplifting, but also works hard and is passionate about the business process. Plus, being here, I am challenged everyday.

  • Unfortunately, the analytics team already has more than enough full-time analysts, so I wouldn’t be joining the team as a Full-Time employee. However, I will be working until June and at the end of the co-op will have a 5 month of experience under my belt. In the past 4 months, I learned the deeper details of the catastrophe risk analyst role and the finer points of the insurance and reinsurance industries. I learned how the process flow works, worked on 6 projects and helped serve client’s goals and objectives successfully. The team was extremely helpful and the training I had at the beginning of the co-op been vital to my success in the role. I am grateful for the fantastic opportunity that Guy Carpenter has provided me with and feel that the skills I’ve obtained at the job are easily transferable to other roles in the industry. Learning how software works in class is helpful. It’s even more helpful to combine the knowledge from class in a life scenario at the job.

  • I loved my internship at QVC. I learned so much and got a lot of exposure to different teams within the Interactive Department. It was great having the opportunity to work so closely with another intern and this really allowed me to improve my communication skills. I just presented our SharePoint site the vice president and team leads this past week and everyone was pleased with what was delivered. It is very satisfying to know that what we’ve created will be used and help improve the way documents are managed by the department. I met a lot of great people during my internship and made a lot of connections. I have an interview this week for a different position at QVC. I love the culture there so I would really like to start my career with QVC if this opportunity works out.

  • This internship has been a wonderful experience. Where I was able to gain a lot of unknown knowledge, pick the brains of experienced CEOs and senior programmers and project manager. I also able build an amazing networking following, for future opportunities. I was not given a permanent job however, I will be continuing my internship in the summertime.

  • My internship experience at Bquipped was amazing. During the 10 months I spent working for them, I learned so many great skills ranging from business analysis to project management, and also data analytics. I plan to transfer to these skills and leverage them in my full time career. I think that the experiences I have from Bquipped allowed me to enhance my passion for IT, develop core competencies, and overall further my knowledge as a business person.

    I start my career in June with Pfizer as a business technology rotational associate. I’ll be working in their innovative health department, which is comprised of 6 different business groups. As a rotational associate, I will complete four unique 6 month rotations in my first 2 years with the company. My first rotation is as a business analyst, so I will have the chance to utilize the skills that I developed while working at Bquipped, and also through the MIS curriculum.

  • My internship experience hasn’t been what I expected it to be but has quite the learning experience. I have received the offer to return in the fall when I return to Temple for classes (since this is an on campus position), and would be willing to take up the offer if I do not stay at the internship that I will be participating in over the summer months at DecisivEdge. Overall I enjoyed seeing how the data that is collected throughout the university is put to use as well as how the university receives rankings throughout the country. Being able to be a key component of each of these things were very interesting to collect a backside perspective. Another element that I enjoyed a lot about my internship was that I was able to utilize skills that I learned in the classroom curriculum. I always think that it is great when you are able to connect the dots like this. I always find that when I am able to see the hard work that I put into the classroom come to life in real life job situations I feel accomplished and a sense of complete. Overall I would recommend this position to anyone because along with all of the lifelong lessons and skills that I have developed and enhanced during my position as an assessment ambassador but I have also had the opportunity to develop relationships with multiple people that I would like to hold onto for the future.

  • My time at the School District was a great learning experience and I enjoyed everyday. My coworkers and mentors have taught me a great deal of the “real world” and how I need to adapt in order to make a healthy transition into the workplace. Though it was a short time there, I will not be returning as a I will be starting my full-time position at Vanguard. I will be working in the investments department. It is not really MIS related, but I am excited to learn more about the financial field so that I can leverage it in the future.

  • My experience with VIP was extremely informative and helped me further my technical skills as well as professional skills. My data analysis skills have significantly improved as well as my ability to use excel on an advanced level. I will not be staying part or full time at VIP because the position was unpaid and left me un-motivated to continue. I plan on using these skills and accomplishments to build my resume and help me secure another position for next summer.

  • I think that my time as an Intern at Bquipped has proven to be an excellent experience. I have been able to apply a lot of skills that I have learned from the MIS program. From data analytics and visualization, to project management, there has been a ton of tasks that I have been able to apply my MIS skills. I will not be staying with Bquipped after this semester, as I am looking forward to starting a full time role with Vanguard after the summer. I know that I will be able to take a lot of the skills and knowledge that I have gained from my internship and apply them to my future position.

  • My experience at QVC was quite rewarding, and I gained some valuable skills. I have learned many project management skills, and I’ve gained critical skills regarding Change and Access Management. I’ve been able to use my knowledge from my MIS classes to better understand the many enterprise processes that go on at QVC, and it has helped me identify the systems at an in-depth level. Overall, QVC has offered me a full-time position as an Associate IT Engineer, but I am currently weighing my options to see what is the best fit for me. QVC has allowed me to grow as an IT professional and learn the in and out of a large business. I look forward to either continuing my career at QVC or at another company of my choice!

  • The internship experience at Subaru of America, Inc. was amazing and rewarding. It has honed in many MIS related skills such as project management, data analysis and entry, and improving my communication skills across multiple departments. Business analysis and systems thinking have also come into play numerous times during my internship. Subaru went through very large internal systems changes and I was granted the opportunity to observe and weigh in on several projects due to my MIS background. I have learned many new skills at Subaru including in-depth analysis utilizing excel and how to navigate an Oracle-based database. I am currently weighing my options out across the automotive industry between Subaru of America and Mini Cooper to continue with full-time employment. Although the automotive industry is where I see myself in the future, I am open to any business sector that offers me advancement and improvement as a business professional.

  • My internship experience with the BI Team at Wawa was an extremely valuable experience. It was especially rewarding to see my Temple MIS courses paying off and relating to my real world work experience. From the very start everyone at the company was welcoming and always willing to assist me if needed. I get experience with many different software and worked with different departments which help me grow my communication and technical skills. I received a Business Analyst offer from Unisys and will be working with them for the summer.

  • My internship experience at The Franklin Institute has been wonderful. I learned a lot and I loved how everything that I learned in the MIS courses has prepared me for the work that I do at the internship. I’ve met many other intelligent interns as well as the superiors who have taught me significant amount of things. I thought it was pretty cool how this year’s NFL draft was taken place at The Franklin Institute. I will not be staying with The Franklin Institute as I am still looking at other companies.

  • I am going to be staying at my current firm for a little while as an independent contractor. I have a few offers from other firms and I’m taking a couple of weeks to compare and research before I select one. My experience at iBusiness Technologies has provided me with more project management and consulting experience than I could have hoped for. I have done everything from designing and creating dynamic marketing campaigns to authoring proposals, scope documents, and business requirements.

    The one thing I am having trouble with is acquiring a position that utilizes the skills I learned at Temple University as opposed to my existing work experience. I applied for a system analyst position and when I arrived at the interview the interviewer said, “I see here you’ve applied for the Analyst position, but we have an excellent Business Development position we would love to speak to you about.” It’s a little irritating. Does anyone have any experience with this in their job search?

  • My experience with Global Bilingual Solutions was very eye opening. I was lucky enough to work directly with the CEO and learned a lot about internal business processes and how to analyze data to make decisions. This internship allowed me to gain confidence and taught me how to present without fear in front of an audience. I’m currently evaluating my options, though Global Bilingual Solutions has offered me an independent contractor position in business consulting. I feel as if I work better internally, finding ways to improve a business and solving problems, than externally. I’m looking for something more along the lines of an international digital marketer, or a business analyst role.

  • My experience working at The Federal Reserve has been wonderful. It was my first real office job and I’m so glad I had such an experienced team by my side to really help me adapt amazingly. The Reserve did offer me a position over the summer if I’d wanted – and then a position during the school year so I can continue working there, However, I also received and accepted a position at Vanguard for the summer which I am also eager to go into. I think that it is important for me to gain as many different cultures as I can at this point in my career. I am thankful for my time at the Fed and still hope I can work there over the course of the school year but if it doesn’t play out that way I am still very lucky to have gained that exposure.

  • Working at Temple has been pretty fun. I made a bunch of apps at GenEd and I’ve made some solid contributions at Computer Services this semester. I’ll be working at Computer Services full time and possibly maintaining GenEd’s server until they find a student worker replacement. If anyone’s competent in OO programming, web development, work study eligible and willing to work for $15/hr, log in to TUPortal and apply.

  • My experience working at KPMG was great and I learned a lot or valuable skills that I can use for the rest of my career. I accepted my full time offer at KPMG as an IT Advisory Associate starting in January 2018 right after I graduate. I am extremely appreciative and I look forward to starting my professional career at KPMG.

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