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So how did it go?

Describe your experience?  Anybody staying on part-time?  Anybody have a lead on a permanent job?

Status report and Draft of powerpoint

Just a reminder that your next status report and your draft of your powerpoint is due April 13.  Please be sure to check the gradebook for missing assignments.  You will have a NO beside anything that is missing and overdue.

Status #3

Status report #3 is due on friday.  There are still 5 people who have not responded to Message 4 on the community site and 1 person who has not turned in status 2 or the powerpoint outline.  Please check the gradebook to see if you are missing anything.  There will be a NO in the space for the assignment you are missing.

Classroom Knowledge….

What have you learned in the classroom that you have leveraged in your internship?  Please respond by commenting to this post.


Please check the gradebook to see if you are missing any assignments.  You will have a no if I have not received it from you and it is past due.

What is the most important…………?

What are the most important skills (business/technical) and people that you have discovered in your internship?  Is there a skill that you didn’t have before but realize that you absolutely need?  Is there a person that you discovered that you definitely want on your side (besides your boss of course)?

Discussion Question #2

I hope everyone is learning a lot in your internship.  Here is question #2.  Please comment on this and feel free to respond to other’s comments as well.

What are some of the important things that you had to find out on your own–having to do with the company culture and/or things you wouldn’t normally think you have to ask for…finding the bathroom, finding where to get coffee in the morning, etc?

Internship Discussion Question #1

I hope everyone is off to a good start at your internships.  We have 12 people that will be responding to questions throughout the semester. Please feel free to respond to one another here if you have questions or comments.

The first question is easy: Where will you be working/worked?  What will you be doing/did?

Please post a comment to this post and share with everyone what some of your responsibilities will be/were.  Others may have questions or may be doing the same types of things.

Please be sure that your user ID is your name and not your TU email alias.  We want to know who is posting.  There is an easy way to change this.  Let me know if you need help.

MIS 3581

Spring 2012

Instructor: Laurel Miller


Grade of C- or better in MIS2101.

Course Objectives

Integrate your internship with your school requirements. Apply your work experience this summer to the classroom and receive course credit! The requirements for this course include reporting on the results on your internship experience.

Note: Arrangements are made through the Management Information Systems Department. If you have any questions please respond to this post.