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Question #1: Internship Discussion

I hope everyone is off to a good start at your internships.  We have a bunch of students doing internships this summer and participating in this forum.   Please feel free to respond to one another student here if you have questions or comments.

The first question is easy: Where will you be working/worked?  What will you be doing/did?

Please post a comment to this post and share with everyone what some of your responsibilities will be/were.  Others may have questions or may be doing the same types of things.

Please be sure that your user ID is your name and not your TU email alias and also that you have an avatoar.  We want to know who is posting.

Also if you have not started yet that is fine.  Please post your comment when you start or if you know your responsibilities already feel free to share now.


34 Responses to Question #1: Internship Discussion

  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Kevin Vong and this summer I will be interning as a Contract Specialist at NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support. Navsup’s mission is to provide the Navy with the weapon systems it needs to keep our Naval forces mission ready. As a Contract Specialist, I write military contracts to buy and repair aviation parts to help support the US Navy. My technical job responsibilities includes sensitive data entry, interaction with systems such as ERP, SAP, and ITIMP, and being a liaison between the IT department and contractors.

    • Hi Kevin, I think it is very interesting that you will be working for the navy. I can imagine the security must be really tight where you work. Being a contract specialist sounds very cool and I wish you the best of luck in your internship.

  • Hey Guys,
    This summer I will be interning with Vanguard in their college to corporate program. During my 10 weeks at Vanguard I will be participating in a very structured development program which entails learning about Vanguard’s investment and services as well as how Vanguard functions as a business. I will be able to shadow positions that I find interesting as well as work on real world projects with my team. Day to day work would include data entry and analysis, team projects, and communicating between the IT professionals and the HR department for customer service. As well as working, my intern crew will be able to take a day to volunteer with the company and really see how the company culture works at Vanguard.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I currently work for Kriescher Miller, an accounting and auditing firm for small to medium sized companies in Bucks county, as a Business Systems Consultant specializing in operations. I interact with clients to help improve their business through the use of technology. This requires being able to analyze a company’s current processes finding ways to use technology to reduce issues and/or labor then being able to design, test, and implement the solution.

    This career is focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The systems my team specializes in are Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and NetSuite. We aren’t limited to these choices though as if these products aren’t a good fit for the client’s situation we can direct them to a more suitable one and stay on the project as an advisor. We also help clients with any Microsoft Office issues, especially Excel and Access, as well as provide support for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

    The daily details of the career include programming, change management, creating documentation, project management, and translating people’s thoughts to direct choices a system can comprehend. For me, this is a career I enjoy very much. I’ve worked for other companies doing a variety of other roles, but this is the most fitting for my skills I’ve found.

    Please contact me if I can answer any questions.

    Have a great week!

    Manny Clark

  • My name is Bridget Silk and I will be interning at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center in Rome, Italy this summer. The JNRC services aim to address the immediate and urgent needs of newly arrived guests. Some of my responsibilities at the center include helping artisan refugees come up with a business plan, model, and a website for their work. This also includes marketing, brand development, advertising, and social media. I am also controlling the JNRC main website and redesigning it which includes data entry and website development to make it more functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I will also assist refugees in becoming more computer literate by teaching them simple computer skills, navigating the keyboard, and using Word, among other skills. Lastly, I will be available to the center in any and all other computer or technology needs.

    • Hi Bridget!

      You have quite an amazing opportunity this summer! Not only are you going to an amazing city, but you’re also getting to use technology to really help people. I’m interested in learning how your experience goes with leveraging technology to help small businesses succeed in a foreign world to both you and the refugee. Do you speak any other languages besides English? If not, how will you communicate with refugees? Did Temple assist in getting this internship for you or did you come about this opportunity some other way? Was there any issues you had to consider when getting involved in this project?

      Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!

      Manny Clark

    • Hey Bridget! I studied abroad last year in Rome, so I know you will have a great time. I will be very interested to know how your experience is because you are staying abroad will also interning, which I think is very unique. I would also be interested in how your experience is working with refugees, teaching them to become more computer literate. It seems like it will be a very rewarding experience.

  • Hey everyone,
    I’ll be interning with Nestle Purina this summer out in St. Louis with their IT Audit teams. During my 12 weeks I will be auditing Purina’s websites as well as websites of other brands of Nestle (NesCafe, Nestle Waters, Nestle Chocolate, etc.) and will be sent to Toronto for 3 weeks during the internship. The audits include risk assessments, documenting processes and creating procedures to test the design of operations within the company.
    Purina also has a national PetCare Pride Day during the summer which is a day of service projects for the St. Louis community as well as fun events to promote Purina as one team. This event takes place my second day of work and allows the employees to build team working skills and give back to the community.

  • Hi everybody!

    I will be interning with Walmart over in Bentonville Arkansas this summer. I will start June 6th and will be working in their Global Back Office Solutions department. When I start I will be placed in a team and we will be given a project that aims to fix or improve a problem that the department is facing. While I don’t know quite what my project is yet, I’ll likely be utilizing data analytic skills that I learned in my MIS classes such as using programs like Tableau and Excel to visualize data.

  • Hello!
    I am currently interning with Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in SAP’s North American headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. On April 1st, I began a user experience assessment of the EBC’s primary information system: BriefingEdge. I have been working as both the project manager and business analyst for this project. For my first steps, I created a project scope, a timeline, and a set of deliverables. I presented them to the project’s sponsor, my manager. I have been working through the timeline I created, which has included interviewing other users, testing the tool’s functionality, and researching user experience best practices and comparing them to the tool’s functions. I’m currently working on an infographic that I will use to present my final assessment findings.
    Best of luck to all of you at your internships!
    Alex Iacovetti

  • Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

    My name is Amruth and this summer I will be interning at Lincoln Financial Group in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. In this internship, I will be given training in several softwares, will be required to maintain databases and understand the steps behind these processes and several other IT related processes. Along with this, I will be able to gain experience working in a financial company which gives me essential exposure and understanding in 2 different fields in 1 internship. Along with this, I have also been given the opportunity to learn, evaluate and recommend processes or systems which improve the efficiency and organization of processes in the business.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Celynna Flor Zoleta and this summer I am interning at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. I will be working with Business Technology Services and will do work as a business analyst and a project manager. I am working closely with professionals and have even been assigned projects, and have meetings almost everyday to talk about the progress of these projects and to make sure requirements and deliverables are complete.

  • Hey everyone! This summer I am interning at Crayola’s corporate offices in Easton, PA in their Web and Digital Application department. I started on Monday 5/23 and thus far I’ve been learning DemandWare and Eclipse. Crayola uses these two technologies to run and maintain thier online store. During my time here I will use these more heavily as I work on various projects to help support their online site. In addition to using this I will also attatend weekly cross-functional meetings to discuss upcoming and current projects. Good luck to everyone this summer!

    • Hey Connor, this sounds so cool I am actually from the Lehigh Valley area, and one of my neighbors is the Vice President of Digital Strategy & Global Business Development at Crayola. His daughter is interning there this summer too, so you probably have run into her. Small world! It sounds like such a great opportunity to learn about their technology and operations. Good luck!

  • Hey Celynna, good luck on your role with the Federal Reserve. I hope the projects are worthwhile to your major and will help you learn about the role of IT in businesses.

  • Hi Everyone, my name is Philip Tocci. I would like to apologize for responding late; my internship at TD Bank’s Mount Laurel, New Jersey campus working in IT Audit begins May 30th. Some of what I’ll be doing this summer are as follows,

    “• Participates in routine audits in performing assigned test steps
    • Assists with some aspects of planning of the audit at the direction of the auditor in charge
    • Investigates and implements straightforward problem resolution within own area of responsibility
    • Performs work from end to end under supervision of auditor in charge
    • Ensure that strategic initiatives and directives are carried out effectively with comprehensive change management strategies
    • Deliver business services, functions and capabilities that optimize the use of process, technology and our people, and take advantage of TD’s scale and operating model
    • Collaborate to ensure TD is a best run, integrated, customer-focused, growth organization
    • Ensure processes, policies and procedures are designed in compliance with TD Risk Appetite
    • Successfully complete all required job specific, compliance-related training. Understand, utilize and follow Compliance/Risk and control programs. Consult with all risk functions in the development and documentation of policies, procedures and controls, for all department processes.
    • Ensure ongoing compliance with internal / external audit and regulatory requirements. Provide prompt and comprehensive response to all external audit, regulator and compliance requests and findings. Maintain appropriate records of action plans.” (per TD site for the program)

    Since I haven’t started I cannot say which of these I’ll be focusing on primarily, but I am excited to start and gain some real world experience.

  • Hi Guys!
    I will be interning at a company called Savantis Group based in Exton, Pa. There I will be trained in SAP and pitching to clients and helping existing clients with any problems they encounter. This is my first week and we are completing technical training and learning how the company works. I am really excited to learn more.

  • Greetings everyone,
    Now that I have a week behind me, I have a better understanding of what my position in Wilmington, Delaware at AstraZeneca will entail. I am working in the commercial IT department supporting their CRM system, Veeva. I will be testing some of their scripts and ensuring that each function does what it is supposed to. Additionally, I will be organizing their current scripts document repository. They also stress the importance of networking, so I will be trying to take advantage of that as much as possible (lunches, intern activities, events, etc.). Good luck to everyone in his/her internship!
    -Elijah J.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Oberst, and I will be interning at NBCUniversal this summer in New York City! I will be starting June 6th, and I will be interning in their Operations and Technical Services segment as a MediaTech intern. I reall do not know too much about what I will be doing day-to-day on the job, but some projects I will have exposure to this summer are Business Planning and Consolidation for the Telemundo Network and Business Planning and Consolidation for International TV. The business-side of media interests me very much, so needless to say I am very excited about starting my internship. It should be a great experience!

  • Hey Everyone – I hope you are all doing well.

    Last winter I interned with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Philadelphia Office. I worked in its Assurance practice and during its BUSY season (fun). During the internship I was assigned to a client and engagement team. I was assigned to Universal Health Services (UHS) a hospital management company that through its subsidiaries operates acute care and behavior health facilities. I never thought I learn so much about a hospital and how it operates. PwC is its external auditors and Protiviti is its internal auditors. However we were required to conduct performances on work done by both Protiviti and UHS internal audit department. I was required to assist with audit on several IT general controls (ITGC). I also worked with a lot of data and manipulation of it in order (pivotal tables are big) to make sense and audit the client’s information. Clients do not send us “easy to work” with documents and data. I also spend time looking at medical malpractices (really sad) and determiner its risk. I also spend a lot of time analyzing and reviewing our IT walkthroughs that were done in numerous facilities throughout the USA by my engagement 4 months prior to me starting. I was also the scan, copy and upload guy. Also I always dealt with PwC India team where we send most of our “grunt” work. They were difficult to deal with and faced many technology issues.
    We were all racing working until 10 every night to finish an audit that required at least 3 months where we had 7 weeks. It was a rough, but good experience.

  • Hi everyone! My name is Vince Furlong and I began my internship on May 31st at Subaru of America located in Cherry Hill, NJ. I will be working in the IT Department and doing work very similar to what a Business Analyst would do. I have been assigned to a team that primarily works on Siebel CRM software. So far, I am meeting with every team member to get a better understanding of what each team member does and how I will fit in to help achieve team goals. I have a lot to learn and I am excited to begin this first step in my career.

  • Hey everyone. My name is Urvesh Patel. I am interning in the IT department at the Headquarters of Subaru of America located in Cherry Hill, NJ. Here, I am assigned to an IT manager who I am responsible to report to throughout my internship. My team especially is responsible for the vehicles department. The team is basically responsible for all the on-lot inventory, pipeline(orders in process) inventory, meeting business user’s requirements, etc. The business user team interact directly with the retailers and gather the requirements to make the process more easy and efficient. Then, a member of my team interviews the business user and tries to accomplish the requirement by either creating a software, making necessary changes to the current systems, etc. Meeting are taken place everyday in order to discuss the progress on the projects that are being worked on.

  • Hi all, my name is Ari. I will be an IT Project Manager at Cigna this summer. I work in the group insurance division in the Center City office. I am part of TECDP, the Technology Early Career Development Program. I started last week, but have not been rolled on to a project yet. From my understanding, my role will include some mixture of: agile methodology, project risk assessment, financial analysis, and strategy.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Will Agentowicz and I am an intern on the Enterprise Technology Audit Group at Wells Fargo in Philadelphia. My responsibilities include using basic auditing tools while auditing IT applications in different lines of business. So far I have sat in on a few calls with my orientation coach about issue validation to get a sense of some of the tasks I will be working on throughout the summer. I am still in training right now, but I look forward to working with my team to learn as much as possible about auditing and Wells Fargo Audit Services.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Michael Ingram Jr and I’ll be interning with Comcast in its Engineering Platform Services department as a Wireless Analyst based out in West Chester. My internship began on June 3 so that’s why it took be a while to post my first comment. I will be working on a team that is ultmately responsible for the billing/usage/procurement of all the wireless devices company wide.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Brandan Mackowsky. I started my internship earlier this week as an IT Audit intern for Wells Fargo in Philadelphia, PA. Throughout my first week here, I focused primarily on training to use Wells Fargo systems as well as compliance training for the company as a whole. As the work begins to kick in, I primarily will be attending meetings to learn about how audit plays a role in Wells Fargo environment, as well as attending audits and working on projects for specific departments to understand how the audit team shapes Wells Fargo. The goal of my team is to ensure that all departments are complying with technological standards and to fix any necessary problems. Good luck to everyone else with their internships!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Marlea. I am an intern at Highmark Health Solutions in the IT Health Back Office Architecture department. I will be working with a team of IT Architects to provide application architecture support through solutioning and monitoring. I am being mentored by a senior IT architect and a senior application developer on an information security project, and doing further data analysis for other projects in the department. I will be using tools such as Toad for Oracle, SQL Developer, and MATLAB, in addition to many other Oracle based software. I will also be exposed to agile methodology, project management, and application life cycle management.

  • Hey everyone, my name is Anthony Vu and I just started my summer internship with Broadview Networks located in King Of Prussia. I will be apart of the Customer Operations department and my responsibilities include applying Project Management principles to specific departments within the company, creating project workflows that include everything that is needed for the specific project, and working with and analyzing data for trends that could improve operations. I will also be following up with clients to see if any improvements can be made in Broadview’s business processes.

  • My name is Kate and I’m interning with JPMorgan Chase in Wilmington, Delaware this summer. This is my second summer interning with JPMC, but I am placed in a different location and position, so am excited to see a different aspect of the firm! I am in the Consumer and Community Banking line of business and am currently gathering the necessary requirements to design a technology refresh program that I will then prioritize and present to the specific organizations within my line of business. I am working with a mentor to tailor my second project that will take place later this summer towards my interests as well as my team needs and areas I want to develop personally and professionally.

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Samantha Sederstrand and I am interning this summer for Ernst & Young in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My main role is in the Risk Advisory Practice where I will be auditing clients, testing processes, and reviewing scenarios. I am extremely excited for this opportunity because it is a mix of both technology and business related materials. I will also be working directly with clients and building relationships my team members for the different engagements that I am placed on. This internship will help develop more IT acumen and professional skills that will help me in the future.

  • Hi Everyone! My name is Catherine Troxell and I am a junior Accounting major with a minor in MIS. I am interning this summer for my former professor’s consulting firm in Center City, Grow Small Consulting. It is located at a shared office space called Pipeline Philly right on 15th & Market Street. I have been working there for about a month so far. Grow Small uses information technology to enable their clients to make the best and most accurate decisions possible. My mentor has been teaching me how to analyze and organize data sets from Excel, Google Analytics, SalesForce, Intacct, etc. and present valuable business insights from them. I analyze and model these sets to generate insights and recommend solutions for clients using the popular business intelligence and analytics software, Tableau, which I know is used in some MIS classes. Using Tableau, I am able to create dynamic visualizations by blending multiple data sources and building real-time dashboards for businesses using sales, accounting, and CRM data. I have also obtained my Google Analytics Certification through this internship.

  • Hi Everyone!
    This summer I will be working with Protiviti, a global business consulting and internal audit firm. I will working within the IAFA – IT Audit sector, where I will go through a rotational program and will be introduced to three separate companies, in three different industries with three new teams at different points of the project. My first client project is with QVC working on IT SOX requirements from a managerial perspective before their own internal audit, followed by an external audit. I’m also working on projects for the state of Delaware, SEI and Sallie Mae.

  • Hi Everyone,

    This summer I am working at Lockheed Martin In Owego, NY. I am working for the Enterprise Business Services area of Lockheed Martin whose duties are to support the 5 main areas of the business (Aeronautics, Space Systems, Missiles and Fire Control (MFC), Mission Systems and Training (MST) and IS&GS (which is being sold to Leidos). My Team supports the MST area of the Business, providing Business Analysis, Database Administration, Application Development, Project Management, and Data Analysis. My Duties mostly fall in the Business and Data Analysis areas, with a bit of Project Management. My main task throughout the summer will be to master Tableau, a tool that Lockheed has been interested in fully leveraging for a long time, but has not had the personnel/time to fully master.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Mahugnon Casid Sohou, and I am a senior double major in MIS and Finance. This summer I am interning at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) in Center City. It is located at Two Commerce Square, Suite 1700, 2001 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103. This summer I am interning in Risk assurance – process assurance more precisely. I have been interning with PwC last summer as well, in Internal firm services. This summer, along with my teams, I look at our clients’ processes, policies, systems, controls and make sure they are all running the way they should, and report all exceptions noted. The process assurance teams focus on IT technology, regulatory requirements, data security and privacy and the third parties our clients rely on. By running different test controls we help our clients reduce risk in their systems, and we make sure to deliver high quality results. We work with various clients in divers industries.

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