MIS 3581, Summer 2016–Laurel Miller

Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

Describe your experience?  Anybody staying on part-time?  Anybody have a lead on a permanent job?

28 Responses to Discussion Question #7: So how did it go?

  • My experience in Nestle Purina’s IT audit department has been amazing. While I still have 3 weeks left to the internship, I have had the opportunity to learn a great amount and the chance to meet some incredible people. My experience in the begging of the internship was rough – getting used to 50+ hour weeks and learning the processes of a large global company. As the weeks went on, I learned to love learning these processes and seeing how different departments interrelate. This internship has given me the chance to put some of my technical skills to the test while also allowing my communication and interpersonal skills to flourish. Purina typically does not decide who will receive full time offers (3/7 interns will receive an offer) until the last week of the internship so as for staying on part time or full time, I will not know for another few weeks.

  • Over the past seven weeks by experience at JPMC has developed amazingly. There was a lot of data and information to start with and it was quite overwhelming, but through partnerships with other employees, involvement with the data, and working on projects, I have become so much more comfortable. I have settled into my role and found how to better communicate, work with, and get the information I need from those around me while still creating my own outcome. The turning point for me was when I became comfortable in my environment. It’s important to be comfortable asking questions over again to clarify, making mistakes with what you’re working on and admitting those mistakes, talking with senior managers, and getting to know your team. Even though I did not have very much technical knowledge coming into the role and that scared me, feeling like I could ask for what I needed to do my job well helped a lot. At the end of the internship (in 3 weeks) I will find out if I get a full time offer!

  • All in all, this internship was a good time and I’m glad I landed here. I felt comfortable with the environment, the people I’ve met have been patient, kind, and personable (nobody’s been toxic), they fed me lunch a lot, stressed the importance of networking and provided opportunities to do so, and I learned a ton. They had some fun intern networking events as well: Phillies game, ice cream social, Skyzone. The technology interns have also been having near-daily lunches with different managers and executives, who have all been kind and helpful. Rather than try and sell us on AstraZeneca, they’ve been giving us general career advice, which has been beneficial. Budget allowing, I’ll be staying on part-time during the fall semester. While I’m still unsure whether AZ will be my landing spot after graduation, it’s been a great experience and it’s certainly somewhere I’ll strongly consider.

  • My internship at Subaru of America has been a wonderful experience so far and I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity. Everyone here is very nice and are always willing to take time out to answer any questions that I have. I’ve learned a lot in the two months that I’ve been here and have also been able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to the job. One of the most important things that I have learned is that working with a team is very important, not just at SOA, but at any corporation. I work with not only my team, but with other teams as well, and the ability to communicate ideas with each other is very key. The internship is a year long, so I will be working part-time during the school year. I am very hopeful that after this year is over that I will be offered a full-time position, but if not, I will have a year of work experience on my resume and will be confident in finding employment elsewhere.

  • My winter internship during the busy season at PwC was a realistic experience. I appreciate the opportunity after all it’s a big 4 firm (is GT or BDO that much worse?). I definitely had the opportunity to work with some of the best people on my engagement team from Core, IT, Tax and Cyber Security department. I learn so much about PwC methods, client service and what being a professional is all about. Communication skills, technology skills all improved as I expected. The training really is top notch at PwC and everything is taught step by step and without pressure and you can really see why its know for its great training. To be the best do you have to learn from the best? The hours really did suck working that much puts a toll on your body. Ever been so tired and lacking sleep your body is sore. Doing tricks on my bike makes me sore and now I can say auditing during busy season does to. Auditing is also felt boring at times but not nearly as people make it our to be. It is just a great way to understand the language of business. You can on only really learn a language by living in that country. Live in audit for a little bit and learn the language. I don’t know what I want to do but PwC is a great place to find out. I can always switch departments and figure out what I like the best. I will start full-time October.

  • It was an invaluable experience so far from the internship, but since my internship at SOA is a year long, I will continue to work full-time until school starts and part-time throughout the next two semesters. The knowledge and the real world experience I have gained will be helpful in building my future career. Everyone has been friendly and assisting as to any needs the interns would have. An entire year long experience in the real world on my resume would definitely will be a plus even if I do not get a full-time offer at the end of the internship. Full-time offers at SOA is not a set number as to how many interns will get hired; it depends on whether the team you were an intern on, has an empty position available or a new upcoming position. So, it is really hard to tell as of now whether I have a chance of getting a full-time offer or not. I look forward to applying the skills I have acquired from SOA in my future career whether it be SOA or a future employer. I wish all of you the very best in your careers as well.

  • My internship was an incredible experience. I was lucky enough to become an integral part of my team instead of one of those interns who sits around most of the time. I was able to directly apply what I’ve learned at school to my job at SAP. I learned how to act professionally and navigate through the processes and networks of a large corporation, and I met some wonderful people along the way. It was so exciting to work at a place with hard working, good natured people. I used to view large corporations as societal suppressors, to be honest. The financial fallout of 2007-2012ish (everyone says different time periods) really spoiled my opinion of them, but I learned that some (not all) large companies truly care about their people, communities, and environments. It’s about more than making as much money as possible, at least where I worked. And my hard work paid off. I recently began as an intern under a Global Vice President at SAP. I am going to work on his team for at least 6 months.

  • My internship at Broadview Networks has been great this summer. With it being so close to home I can still enjoy my summer and hang out with friends. The projects that I’ve worked on at Broadview have been challenging and engaging at the same time; a perfect combination. I can definitely say that I learned a lot. especially about the telecom industry. I had zero knowledge of what the telecom industry was like but this internship definitely gave me insight on how a telecom company runs. Broadview really goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers. My knowledge in the classroom definitely came into play on specific projects and I was able to help out my team members due to this knowledge. I also received help from other interns as well; everyone was always willing to help each other and the company culture was great. I don’t believe that Broadview offers part-time after the completion of this internship, but I do know that they would be open to having me back for winter break. I could definitely see myself working for this company in the future after graduation.

  • My experience at TD Bank as an IT Auditor was very educational and enjoyable. I was able to work on real audits and I never did “intern” work, but instead work that a staff level Auditor was expected to perform. We meet our EY delivery date for TDAF Change Management which was stressful, but rewarding knowing all of my hard work contributed to the team meeting a serious deadline. My people manager has recommended me for a full time offer. Currently he is getting me an extension of full time till school starts; my contracted internship end date is August 12th. Once school starts he is working on TD retaining me as a full staff employee on my current team, although this fall I’ll probably be only able to work part time hours since it’ll be my last full time semester (could still do full time if they let me work a bit more than normally allowed from home). Then this spring I’ll be able to work full time since I’ll just have my last 2 classes till graduation, which I believe I can take both at night. After graduation I’ll be completely full time.

    • Hi Philip!

      Congratulations on your successful internship! In my opinion, the way TD Bank handled the internship was the best method. Working on real projects allows you to see if you really belong in the field and see what skills need further development before entering the full-time workforce. Working and doing full time classes is quite a daunting challenge, so I wish you lots of luck with dealing with that! Time management is the skill I am constantly trying to improve upon as I feel there often isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all of my tasks. You have already proven that you’re an asset to the company, so they will likely work with you to aide you in finishing Temple while developing further at TD Bank. It seems you found a good fit for yourself, so once again congratulations and good luck!

      Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  • I still have 4 weeks left at Cigna, although the experience thus far has been outstanding. I’ve met some great people, done meaningful work, and feel as if I’m leaving a mark on the company. I’m leading a team of developers to build a solution for Cigna Behavioral Health that introduces cutting edge technology to the mental health space, giving Cigna the potential to become industry leaders and tech pioneers. Because I still have another summer of interning before entering the workforce, both my manager and HR lead have recommended me for a return internship, although that’s contingent on my performance for the rest of the summer. I can’t imagine staying on part-time during the school year because my involvement and employment on-campus would prevent me from being able to dedicate much time to Cigna-related work.

  • My experience as a Media Tech Intern at NBCUniversal has been a great one, and one that has been rewarding in ways which I never expected. The work that I have done at NBCU has taught me a lot about SAP, Excel, teamwork, but also about how to navigate the workplace successfully. I have also made some great friends at my internship who I hope to stay in contact with after the intership is over. With regards to future employment, I will not be staying on part-time because I work in New York City/New Jersey and obviously go to school in Philly. I can come back next year for another internship, but I think I would like to diversify as much as possible. However, working at NBCU at I graduate (in a permanent position) is certainly within the realm of possibility.

  • My experience in Lincoln Financial Network has been great. As a summer intern, I have been exposed to various sectors of the business field and have learnt a lot. I have surely improved my communication, confidence, and general knowledge of things. But most importantly, I have gained valuable work experience that will show that I can work in such high end firms by producing high quality work and cope with unexpected work pressures. This work experience has also widened out my scope on various business fields and has made me re-think what I want to become and do when I graduate. I have also been lucky enough to network and make friends with individuals who have great work experience and background. I will not be joining the financial planning group I worked with as it is rather small and all positions have been filled. However, I believe I will receive a recommendation to apply elsewhere and that can only do good. Ido have a few weeks left before I leave the firm and I hope to gain as much more as I can before I leave.

  • My internship at Subaru of America (SOA) is a year long, but my experience thus far has been very valuable. I learned a great deal of the real world practices a corporation performs from daily activities to firm changing projects. During this internship, there are many skills that I have developed such as PL/SQL, Oracle EBS, Excel, SharePoint, etc. All of the skills and experiences I have learned so far and will learn in the upcoming internship will built up on my resume to achieve the success I have been striving for. Since this internship is a year long, I would not be able to predict whether I will be hire for a full-time position or not. However, there are great chances of attaining a full-time position here at SOA due to my outstanding performance. I wish you all the very best in your futures.

  • My experience at Vanguard in the Plan Sponsor Technology Department has been amazing. I still have two weeks left in my internship and I will know if I get a full time position before school starts in the fall. During my time here I have been able to touch on seven different projects, present original ideas to leadership, and create long-lasting friendships with other interns. I never was subject to typical “intern” work. I was on real teams working to make a real impact on a 14,000 employee organization that manages over 3.7 trillion in assets. Three of my main projects have taught me a lot of valuable things. Collaboration across multiple states, data analysis, conceptual thinking, and understanding about peoples behaviors have all been skills I have advanced here at Vanguard. I also learned a great deal about the financial industry in general. Everyone at Vanguard is knowledgeable about the products we offer such as the funds, trading, ETF’s which makes it easy to ask questions and get accurate answers. I also learned a lot about the Vanguard culture and what is means to take a stand for all investors, treat them fairly, and give them the best chance at investment success. I can see myself working here after graduation in the spring and will know if I will have that opportunity in a few weeks.

  • My internship at NAVSUP WSS was a great experience and still is. I met a lot of knowledgeable people and was exposed to the corporate working environment. Every single day was a learning experience for me and that kept this internship really interesting. I was able to apply my classroom knowledge to this job and many of the projects that I have worked on. Since I was already familiarized with a lot of the technical work that we do, I was already ahead of the game. Being able to apply classroom knowledge to my work was the most satisfying part about this internship. It was great to see the information I learned in class being put to use. Although I am a intern, I do not feel like one at all. NAVSUP does not treat their interns differently than their full-time working employees. Interns here are not doing meaningless work, but work expected of which ever position you are in. In terms of landing a job, I was offered a full-time position at NAVSUP once I graduate. I am really considering their offer because the work that we do is meaningful and helping our nation. This internship has even sparked my interest of someday enlisting for the US NAVY.

  • This experience was life changing. I was able to see what it is truly like to be part of a close culture in an organization. It also solidified many aspects of my future for me. I now completely know that I would like to work in another country for at least an extended period of time. I believe that it is so valuable to be exposed to other cultures. I also had such an enriching experience working with the refugees that I also solidified that going into the Peace Corps is my plan after college. Seeing the impact that technology had in the refugees lives inspired me to continue to do that work in other countries.

  • I really enjoyed my time at Savantis Group. I have learned so much in mt short time here from general business skills to brushing up my technical skills. It has been interesting to finally be able to apply the skills I have learned in the classroom to the real world. I also learned what I value in a workplace. Savantis Group is a small company and as much as I have enjoyed my time here I would love to see what it is like to work at a larger company with a slightly different culture. I have made valuable friends with the other interns and also feel that I have found a mentor in one of the full time employees here. I hope to receive a good letter of recommendation even if not offered a job because I really did put a lot of time and effort into my work this summer. I have had an amazing learning experience and have gained valuable knowledge about SAP’s customers and how it works that I could not get elsewhere.

  • I have really enjoyed my experience with Wells Fargo in their audit group. I have learned how to function in a corporate setting and the most important lesson was being able to stay calm and focused while operating in a new environment. Many of the concepts, terms, and situations were new to me, so it was crucial that I occasionally step back and assess what I just worked on in order to paint the larger picture of what is actually happening. Also, I learned that everyone will make mistakes, including myself. But when that happens, you can’t be afraid to admit it and take responsibility for, while using it as a learning experience. Finally, you can’t be afraid to ask questions at a new jobs because each company will have different terms that everyone must understand. While talking with my mentor, he said that he was confused 50% of the time during his first year at WFAS and if I didn’t feel the same way, I wasn’t asking enough questions. I felt confused about 100% of the time, so I think I did a good job in that respect. I would most likely come back after I graduate and I expect to hear if I am going to be offered to come back by the time the fall semester begins.

  • Although I have two more weeks left with Protiviti, my experience as an IAFA IT Intern with Protiviti has been outstanding. I’ve had the chance to work with three different project teams, on three different clients and I still have an additional project for the last two weeks of my tenure. I’ve been given a tremendous amount of responsibility and have learned a great deal about various companies and their given industry. I’ve attended multiple intern and company-wide events like Escape the Room, a Phillies game, volunteering at the South Jersey Food Bank and multiple happy hours and lunches.
    Typically, interns won’t hear about a full time position with Protiviti until the last day of the internship (August 5th). Protiviti invests a lot in their interns and most of the interns will receive a full time offer. I recently spoke with my career adviser and the IT Managing Director for the Philadelphia office about considering me for a part-time (contracting) and full time position within Information Security. Contracting positions are typically only available for IT in the lab, however, they are considering the position for me during the school year.

  • I have had a really great experience at EY this summer. I have 2 weeks left in my internship and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. I have got to meet a lot of great people which has influenced the relationships that I have begun to build with full-time employees. The projects and teams that I have gotten a chance to work with in Risk Advisory Program could be challenging but it was a great learning experience. I have attended many company events including go karting and Phillies games. Normally interns will not hear about an offer until the end of the program which is on August 8th.

  • My internship at Highmark Health Solutions has been an extremely enjoyable and valuable experience. I found my work within the IT Architecture department to be interesting and important. I also find the healthcare and health insurance industry to be fascinating, which I was not expecting. I have learned so much from my coworkers, who seem to have limitless experience and knowledge. I also made a few friends with the other interns, and I am grateful for the connections I have made.

    Since I am only entering my junior year of school, a full time position was not on the table. However, Highmark has offered me another internship for next summer. I would have my choice of IT department, in addition to an opportunity to work from their Pittsburgh office. Although I am unsure if I am going to accept their offer, as I would like to diversify my experiences. I am feeling proud and grateful that the work I have done is appreciated. I feel valued at this company, which is extremely important to me.

  • My experience at Wells Fargo Audit services was an enjoyable one. I still have an additional 2 weeks remaining for the internship, but I am still learning plenty more as time goes on. As my internship began, I found the adjustment to the corporate world to move rather smoothly since my previous internship during the semester helped me make a similar transition away from the retail world. Entering Wells Fargo, daily tasks were confusing at first since many people were new to the industry and were learning the processes alongside with me. As time progressed, I took a deep interest in the work that I was doing and found going to work to be enjoyable, learning more about each thing that I was confused about. One of the greatest things about this internship was being able to network with many people from a diverse culture that I will be able to stay connected with outside of the workplace. As the fall semester begins, I will find out whether or not I will have the opportunity to come back next year and it is something I would be highly interested in choosing for a career path.

  • My experience as an intern at Grow Small has been incredible. While I still have the rest of the summer left working the internship, I have had the amazing opportunity to learn a great amount in such a short time, and the chance to meet and work with some incredible people. In the beginning, I struggled a little bit adjusting to working everyday and balancing schoolwork, my internship, and my social life. Over time, as I gained more experience, I was given more and more responsibility with the company which was extremely rewarding; much more valuable than lounging by the pool all summer (although at times I couldn’t see that). I loved learning about the company and getting to work with actual clients, while learning more about the accounting and IT field. I actually just met a Temple MIS grad at one of our client’s offices last week! This internship has definitely put my professional skills to the test and I think that I was able to rise to the occasion. As of now, I believe I will continue to work for the company in the fall, since it is very easy to do data analysis from your laptop anywhere – it won’t require me to come into the office or work full-time during the school year.

  • I have enjoyed my experience at Crayola in there IS department this summer. I have learned how to function in a corporate setting and have been able to absorb a lot of knowledge about how corporations run. During my time at Crayola there has been a lot of management change. This has been very interesting to observe and this alone has taught me a lot. In addition, I have been exposed to many different situations and technologies. While some of my work involved things I learned in the class room, most of my work included learning on the fly. This is a valuable skill that will benefit me as I continue my career. Also the projects I worked on have given me great hands on technical experience.

  • My experience at Lockheed Martin this summer has been very interesting and has taught me quite a bit about being a professional. From the day I started I have been given greater responsibility than at any job I had previously. I has been an incredible experience being given a task, and asked to tackle it how I see fit. Along the way I have been able to learn new skills, and interact with people who been in the field for 20+ years, which has helped me grow as a professional. Working with the Data Analytics team has also been an incredible experience, because it has greatly increased my comfort working within a team concept, with colleagues that have vastly different backgrounds and experience than me. I still have two weeks left of my internship, so I have yet to hear if a full time opportunity will be offered to me, but regardless if one is or not my experience at Lockheed Martin has been invaluable to my continued development as an IT professional.

  • My experience as an intern at Grant Thornton has been very enjoyable. I formed close friendships with some of the other interns, and got along very well with all of the managers, partners and associates I had the pleasure of meeting or working with. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of work I was assigned; I got to do some actual work that helped ongoing projects and initiatives within the firm. I also learned the politics of working a corporate job, something that I learned while watching others in the firm interact. An overwhelming amount of these interactions were positive, since everyone in the firm seemed very friendly and eager to help. I really enjoyed the culture of the firm, and found that there were many qualities that the firm valued, that I also value. For example, “stay curious” is a saying that gets tossed around a lot in the firm. I found that doing just that, staying curious and asking questions to managers on projects is so crucial for submitting quality deliverables.

    I still have two more weeks at GT, and plan on learning even more from my managers and get exposed to other industries. Offers are usually received a couple of weeks after the internship ends, so I look forward to hearing back around then!

  • My experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia was amazing! The number one reason why is because of the people who work at the bank. Everyone here is so genuine and cheerful, and it makes me sad realizing that I have to leave soon. Additionally, I have also made friends with the other interns who work here at the Fed (we all sit in a conference room together) and loved how close we gotten over the summer. We even had people in our department assigned to take care of us because they considered us their “babies” and always went out of there way to visit us every single day just to ask how our work day was going. I hope that in the future, I will be working with these same type of people who simply love being at work at love what they do instead of working at a company where everyone is grumpy and hates their jobs.
    In the beginning of my internship, I struggled with working 40 hours a week and working long days. I felt like my work days were TOO long, but thats because I really didn’t know what I was doing since I was so new to everything. Once I started learning and got assigned more work, my days seemed like they were flying by quickly. I would look at the clock and its 9am, and the next time I look its 4pm. This was a good sign because it meant I was very dedictaed to my work, and spent most of my day completeting it.
    I am sad to leave the Federal Reserve Bank, but I am so grateful for my experience here!

  • It was a great experience to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers this summer. During my internship, I have been exposed to various industries and various sectors of the business which have allowed me to learn a lot. I have developed new skills that I did not have before, like how to better be organized, how to better communicate, the knowledge that I have gained on IT auditing and the most important things is that I made some valuable connections. The work experience I have gained at the firm will definitely be helpful in my career as an IT professional no matter what firm I work in. Now I know that I can work in other big firms and produce quality work thanks to the feedback I got from my coaches. My experience at PwC has also widened my knowledge of divers industries and has allowed me to think about what kind of Job I want to do once I graduate. Overall my internship at PwC has been great this summer. The work and tasks that I had to complete have been challenging. I did not really know what to expect when I started this internship but now I can say that I definitely learned a lot about the IT audit process. PwC really focuses on developing its employees’ career. My knowledge from the classroom also helped me when faced with some concepts. Everyone in the firm is willing to help you and the company has a great culture. This experience is an important step to a successful career as an IT professional.

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