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Windows Servers on companies

In my current full-time job, I encountered virtual machines servers. I could change the servers configuration and give admin rights to some users. This reminded me the time on my IT Enterprise Architect class. During the course, we were taught on how to create a domain controller, file server, IIS server and a database server. What I learned from my work place is some shortcuts on solving a simple solutions to an user issue. For instance, there was one time when a user was not having the capability to remote in to our servers. The solution to that was to go inside our servers and manually disconnect them. As mentioned in  IT Enterprise, we should properly disconnect from the server by login off and not simply clicking the ‘x’ on the right top. Another encountered issue was to configure the security on Internet Explorer. User was trying to use the server to go online and use an outsourced software for their work. As I remembered in IT Enterprise class, giving trust to sites and making sure that IE enhanced security was turned off. I managed the Internet Explorer’s issue in couple of minutes thankfully to IT Enterprise class. I realize that my daily job was more as a recap of my previous classes.


Have you ever experience any problem related to your previous class?

Did your job gave you more insight and help you understand what was your class about?

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