Munir Mandviwalla

Michael Kors: Low End Disruption

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Michael Kors is known for its bags, wallets, and purses being a good brand and stylish. With their entrance into the smartwatch market, the company started to sell its own product in Google Store. After their unsuccessful sales in Google Store, MK decided to sell its smartwatches in their stores and starting to lower the price of its smartwatches. The type of disruption here is more to a low-end disruption for two reasons. One is that MK started to sell smartwatches with a much simpler interface and common design. The second reason is that MK realizes its issue with the smartwatches prices. MK then give out discounts and lowering its products prices in order to attract its own market. As result of all this effort, MK finds out that smartwatches market is not a good position for the company due to high expenses and low profit with the smartwatches.



1) What would you have done if you were the one to decide MK smartwatch market?

2) Have you ever seen or worked in a company that is in a low-end disruption?

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