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CEO Integrative Thinking Success

A good CEO is typically known as an individual that not only has the ability to critically think, but the ability to think integratively. The founder of the Four Seasons hotel, Issy Sharp, created the Four Seasons hotel business model while using integrative thinking. He created a plan where Four Seasons hotels would have 200-350 rooms, great service and charge a price premium to fund its amentities. I think the “Resolution” part of the integrative thinking cascade model stood out to me because the CEO did not choice between the typical hotel models – option A: build a motel chain with low amenities or option B: create a large, pricey hotel chain. Instead, he decline both options and created his own option. 

Q: Can you think of any other CEO’s that have used integrative thinking to create success in their companies? If so, explain how. 

One Response to CEO Integrative Thinking Success

  • I think Meg Whitman, previously the CEO of ebay, could be classified as an integrative thinker. When she was first brought on as CEO for the company, she used salience to determine all of the variables relevant to transforming ebay into a major e-commerce corporation. This led her to splitting the company into 23 business categories, which then had thousands of subcategories. I think this goes to show that she wasn’t affraid of the complexity that comes with integrative thinking. I believe she also used causality to dertermine the multidirectional relationships between variables when creating the different subcategories. Her success as CEO shows when considering the fact that she started with about 30 employees to perform all processes across the company, yet by the time she stepped down, the company had grown to over 15,000.

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