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Post #1 Automation

Automation has changed how technology is viewed in industries across the world. One of the questions posed in class was whether technology is an indispensable comity or if companies viewed technology as a dying art that sometimes acts as more of a hindrance than a help. National Public Radio wrote an article about how factory workers do not think that automation could replace their jobs completely. Companies spoke out saying that technology will be used to help factory workers make their jobs easier not replace them. At Prudential, I worked under Global Business Technology Solutions where I found that technology has transformed the business. Instead of tech jobs such as help desks, which are now automated or outsourced, technology is now a tool used to increase efficiency. Now technology has become a tool to help employees gather data and complete tasks more easily. Automation is the one of the first steps in the right direction. Through the use of automation, employees across industries can put aside tedious tasks and concentrate on more important things that impact the business. To work and stay within the technology sector, you need to contribute to using technology as a tool that makes the business better.

Do you feel that automation is the future of technology? Do you feel that more companies across industries will automate?

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One Response to Post #1 Automation

    Automation is definitely the future. I do believe that more companies across industries will automate and factory workers would lose their job eventually in the far future.
    However, I agree with the article that National Public Radio wrote. Automation cannot replace factory workers in the predictable future. When I was small, I imaged people live in total automation house, so that no one needs to do any housework. The world turned in to an information age instead of a high automation one. The development of robot is slower than average people thought. When we make a movement, our brain run so much calculation that we do not realize, and machines have a hard time to reach. I watched a Youtube video called “How Benefit Hoola Bronzer Is Made”( ). This video shows that factory workers are critical to making products, and machines are only supplemented in the process.
    Another example about automation cannot replace human in the near future: When I went back to China last summer, I noticed that all the banks in the town I live have full automation machines, which can even make new cards in one minute. Ideally, banks only need few employees. However, those banks have to hire extra employees to guide people use automation machines. Average people live in that town do not know how to use!
    Therefore, although automation is fantastic, but it will come a lot slower than we thought. Moreover, the world may not need automation in factories if 3D printing is developing well and sooner in the future.

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