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City Brain

In October 13, 2016, the Government of Hangzhou City declared “City Brain” Project which is an artificial intelligence (AI) hub to improve and regulate traffic condition throughout the city. The “City Brain” started with controlling the all traffic lights and improved traffic efficiency 11% in Hangzhou. The whole system was upgraded a few months later, the AI system was trained for two months and was able to recognized traffic jam, accidents and crimes. In Hangzhou City, there are 50 thousand cameras, the “City Brain” are able to monitor city traffic via these cameras and report to the traffic control center if traffic jam or accidents happen.

The “City Brain” was launched by Alibaba and Foxconn, they aimed to solve problems for city with teconology supported. The “City Brain” Project is also a test-mode for all Chinese city, if successful, the Hangzhou City will be a template for China, even for the world.

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  • Hello Shihao,
    As someone who has lived in countries with absurd amounts of traffic (i.e. Bangladesh and Thailand) I think this “City Brain” Project if successful could greatly improve traffic conditions everywhere. My only concern would be the integration of this technology into the city and how much it would cost. Traffic in certain developing countries would benefit greatly from this but has very limited financial capacity to support technology and would require external financial support. With populations rising and density increasing in certain developing countries traffic becomes a greater and greater issue; through technology we can improve efficiency and I think this “City Brain” Project is a great first step into incorporating technology to help the public sector.

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