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McDonald’s Using Tech to Drive Sales

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McDonald’s has decided to take a technical approach in order to increase sales and cater to customer preferences. McDonald’s is doing this by implementing self-serve kiosks that allows customers to order at touch screens then pick up a number with a digital locator, allowing employees to serve them. McDonald’s is also allowing customers to order and pay on their mobile app, which already holds 16 million downloads. These technical innovations will result in improved efficiency for the company, improving sales growth. This also allows McDonald’s to use better ingredients such as all beef patties. Since they take longer to cook, the digital ordering platform will reduce the time it takes to order the meal and compensate for the extra time of making the food. Although these innovations will clearing improve sales, challenges still await. Starbucks, which is implementing a similar ordering and mobile app system is facing problems due to the overwhelming orders places from these platforms.

One last innovation McDonald’s is using is digital menu boards. These boards change during the time of day and even with the weather, since people crave specific foods depending on the weather.

How do you feel about ordering food from a kiosk? Do you feel it is less personal? What impact could it have on jobs? What ways could McDonald’s utilize analytics from these kiosks and menu boards?


2 Responses to McDonald’s Using Tech to Drive Sales

  • Hi Michael– I’m not surprised to see McDonald’s trying this out. I think it’s an innovative use of technology to increase sales and cater to customer preferences, like you said. I especially like it because it gives customers more control over their order. When a cashier is taking your order, customers have to simply trust that the person understood what they were asking for, but that doesn’t always happen. This is a great way for eliminating some order-taking errors. Personally, I like ordering from kiosks and I don’t mind that it doesn’t involve another human. Because, as I mentioned earlier, it gives me more control over my order. It certainly will prove to be a huge resource of data for McDonald’s too. Altogether, I think this is a really great use of technology for a business like McDonald’s.

  • I have been to lots of food places now that use the ordering kiosk. It is interesting to see a company as large as McDonald’s using this technology. Artificial Intelligence is no longer just for tech companies but is being implemented in our everyday lives. I wonder how this impacted the number of employees worldwide. I would imagine that the implementation process of these kiosks has to be difficult, but for the customers I am sure it is positive. I would not be against ordering from kiosks and I do think it is easier to customize orders. This will be interesting data for McDonald’s to retain. Maybe it will lead to new specialized burgers based on customers preferences.

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