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AI Can Help You Protect Your Personal Data

A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have used Artificial Intelligence to set up a web extension that will allow users to see what websites are doing with their data. This is a free program called Polisis and available on Chrome and Firefox. Website terms and conditions are long and internet users can have a hard time understanding what they mean if they try to read them. The AI is able to decipher a website’s protection policies using an AI developed algorithym and presents users with graphic info on how it could be used. Users are now able to tell what sites are able to collect and potentially sell their data.

Will internet users be more cautious of the sites they go to with this information available? Would you leave a site if you saw it was able to track, store and/or sell your data?

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3 Responses to AI Can Help You Protect Your Personal Data

  • Hi Thomas,

    I do feel like internet users need to be more cautious of what the sites do with their information, but I believe it wont gain any attention from the main population of people that use these sites as long as the service provided by these sites are enjoyable.

    I checked out “Polisis” and I think it is a very great tool that can definitely be used for sites that we may not be to sure we trust.

    Data is very valuable these days and can be used for good and for bad. I am indifferent about knowing that a site can be able to track store, and potentially sell my data. If the data that is being collected is used to enhance my user experience, I am all for it. If it is anything other than that, I would avoid that site at all costs.

  • This post was interesting to me because privacy is such a huge issue. Also when I think of artificial intelligence I think of robots or some technology like that. This is a very unique use of artificial intelligence. I wonder if more people will start using this technology to find out what sites are looking at about their users. I definitely want to try Polisis to see how it works.

  • Great post, that really makes me think. I constantly get emails from sites that I’ve never been too. I always wonder how certain sites get my email address. I would love to know who stores, tracks and sells the data. Then also, what companies buy it. Sadly, I feel that it would be a lot of companies that we love. Though, that being said, I’ve almost given up on cyber privacy. I think that it is what it is and that it’s like a ‘buyer be ware’ situation.

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