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Wearable Technology of the Future…

This neckband records 360-degree video from your point of view

The Fitt360 from Linkflow, a company that got its start inside Samsung’s C-Lab product incubator can bring disruption in the tech market. It’s a neckband that with three built-in cameras can record a whole 360 degree around the person wearing them. There are few applications for it for both personal use and commercial use. For personal use, it can be used for recording events, parties, or vacations. From a commercial perspective, it has applications for military and law enforcement purpose as well as medical purpose. Law enforcement agents can you this as a tool record or monitor the environment around them. New tech/gadgets like this paired with other new and emerging technologies like AI can be awesome. Wearable technology like this a tremendous source of data to train and develop machines to better understand sizes, depth, color, and objects. Ability to record video and then process it real-time with an AI creates a Jarvis, Iron Man AI assistance, like sophistication tech.


  • Will wearable tech be the next big thing?
  • How far can we go with wearable tech & recording our surroundings?

2 Responses to Wearable Technology of the Future…

  • Hi, Parth

    I think wearable tech will be the next thing that humans are going to dig into because there are considerable market demand. The neckband you introduced is one of the useful and convenient wearable tech used for recording and photographing things that people will be interested to buy. I think wearable tech should not be just a recording tool, but can be expanded to other functions, such as GPS, an “alarm” when encounter danger, and even can measure heart rates/body performances. Wearable tech still have spaces to develop and to better serve human life.

  • Hey, Parth. I believe wearable technology has the potential to truly augment our lives and touch our lives in ways that weren’t possible a decade or so ago. Unfortunately, it often seems that the general consensus on wearable technology is still out. Google Glass is the first thing that comes to mind. While that may have failed for its own reasons, people seem to be intimidated by too much technology, especially when it enters personal space. To answer your question with two more questions: how much wearable technology is society willing to undertake OR is it just a matter of time before these devices are more socially acceptable?

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