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Facebook Robots Could Become a Household Norm

Facebook just filed a patent for a self balancing robot last week. The current use of the robot is speculative with endless possibilites. The robot could follow you around your home while video calling, automatically take pictures for social media, carry around objects in the house, or televise local or pro events. The current market for robots of this sort is extremely expensive, with most robots costing a couple thousand. If Facebook is able to drive down the costs and complete their vision of household robots, could this revolutionize the robot industry? Do you think this patent has the ability to be a disruptive innovation like the mobile phone was for the computer/phone industry?

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4 Responses to Facebook Robots Could Become a Household Norm

  • I am not sure what future these robots hold. I do not see them being a common household item for a very long time. I do not think facebook has figured out why they would be useful to consumers. The robots are very impressive but don’t really serve a purpose. Especially to most consumers. The article mentioned possible uses outside of the home. I think this makes more sense and the robots would be able to fill a need. I still believe however this goes this technology won’t be something we see for a while.

  • Hey, Thomas. This is pretty interesting news. I would love to have a useful and intelligent robot that could assist me with ease. The technology is definitely there, but as you mentioned it hasn’t exactly reached the homes of the average person. I find it especially interesting that a social media and software company has made a headline like this. I don’t typically think of Facebook as a hardware company. It would be quite the feat for a company like Facebook to achieve this sort disruptive innovation, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • If Facebook is able to drive down the costs for this robot, I definitely think this can revolutionize the robots industry. However, for robots to truly become disruptive, people will have to be willing to have them around all the time at home and I don’t think people are ready for that right now. Like Noah had stated in an earlier comment, I am surprised Facebook is at the forefront of this because we all typically think of them as strictly social media and that’s it. I don’t know what the future of robots is, but if people can adapt and accept robots into their homes then they will be a huge disruptive innovation just like the mobile phone was for the phone/computer industry.

  • This is definitely an interesting advancement in technology. There are many uses and possibilities to this device, depending on how they market it. The use of social media as its main focus is an interesting one. I could definitely see the benefit for video calls or maybe as a camera to watch your home while you are away. It would also be cool if voice commands could play apart in this device, to have a type of portable Alexa/Siri type device. I feel like this could very much revolutionize the robot industry. There is not really anything like this for household use today so i feel as though it could become something big. If this catches on and becomes a common use in every life, it would be just like the mobile phone in terms of disruptive innovation

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