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Ready for takeoff: Front Door Tech


The one thing that we use every day that hasn’t received a technology upgrade is your front door. New start-ups and big e-commerce giants are trying to change that. We are in the age of on-demand delivery, service providers are looking to leverage technological innovation with doors.


Just recently Amazon acquired Ring, a smart doorbell developer, for $1.1 billion. The smart locks are attached to camera systems. For Amazon’s goal is to repurpose and leverage this to enable in-home deliveries to customers who don’t want their packages sitting outside. There could be many commercial applications with new front door tech. Such as Airbnb or renters can manage access to home with tech as opposed to having to physically give and take keys. Service providers such as cleaners, plumbers, or installers can leverage this tech also.


  • What kind of compliance/agreement would you require before using front door tech?
  • What else can front door tech be used for?
  • What other areas of our lives/homes with become smarter?

3 Responses to Ready for takeoff: Front Door Tech

  • I actually want my mother to upgrade this type of system because I wouldn’t have to get up to see who was at the door, I can look on my phone. I also can see if a package was stolen off my porch and by who or if it was never delivered. I think cameras at the front door that can be viewed from the phone is a smart idea. I don’t think it eliminates an Airbnb owner from having to give keys out because it doesn’t open the door for you. If it could open the door for you I believe that would require a lot of agreements. I believe that the system may grow and soon you can open the door without a key but for now, it just allows you to see and talk to whoever is at the door.

  • Hi, Parth
    This is a very cool tech! I agree with Ajah that we need this kind of tech to let us know who is at the door. I also think we can not only see who is at the door from our phone, but also can open the door for someone using our phone. In this way, it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or not. But it also comes with risks, like if your phone is used by someone else or be stolen. The front door tech achieved by now is like, someone can dial the room number at the front door of a building, and then the host will see who’s at the door through a screen at home and then press the unlock button to open the door for that person. The thing is you still need to open the door of your room for that person. This technology guarantee the safety of this building.

  • Parth, this is a very interesting concept and I appreciate you sharing it with the class. In my opinion, this really goes to show how much technology is being integrated in our everyday lives for even the simplest of applications. If someone told me 5-10 years ago that there would be a “smart” doorbell company worth $1.1 billion, I most likely would’ve laughed in their face. Having said that, I think this can be very useful for commercial purposes such as the ones being leveraged by Amazon and Airbnb. It has the ability to make ordinary operations more efficient and even more secure.

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