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Recent Hacking Experiment Displays Cybersecurity Dangers of Robots and IoT

Over the past year, cybersecurity firm IOActive successfully conducted a ransomware experiment on a popular humanoid robot created by SoftBank Robotics. This robot, titled NAO, is equipped with microphones and cameras and is typically used in classrooms, retail stores, and offices for customer assistance. NAO is capable of connecting to wireless networks and other IoT devices, and leverages artificial intelligence.

In this experiment, IOActive was able to steal stored data, completely control its audio and visual features, and was essentially able to hold the device ransom until the firm received bitcoin. This is alarming for a multitude of reasons, but primarily due to the increasing use of Internet of Things. As individuals and businesses are starting to create more  of these networks in their everyday lives, the more prone they are to these dangerous attacks. These attacks have the ability to devastate a business financially and even halt business operations for smaller companies. Although this research didn’t actually cause harm, it displays the potential dangers that arise with the use of robots and connected devices. Cesar Currdo, CTO of IOActive, believes that the impact of ransomware on robots is “much bigger” than any other type of device and can “directly affects business production and services.”

Do you believe that the security dangers associated with robots and IoT are almost understated? Do you find yourself hesitant at all to implement these technologies in your everyday lives?

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  • Cyber security is an important issue with any technology, but I never thought about it in terms of robots. Very interesting thanks for sharing! I think cyber security is understated when it comes to robots or other types or artificial intelligence. In class we have talked about artificial intelligence ranging from the food to the hotel industry. These devices impact our everyday lives and need to be as secure as any other part of a business. For me I am not hesitant to use artificial intelligence necessarily but it depends where. I am not comfortable with the technology to own my own robot, but have interacted with different artificial intelligence. I guess it really depends on the advancements of this technology in this future.

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