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IoT on The Farm Could Spell Trouble at Home

You may not think of a farm as a place where technology can be leveraged effectively.  However, IoT on the farm through smart tractors and other farming equipment can help tech-savvy farmers plant and harvest more efficiently than ever.  These devices can provide farmers advice on where, when, and how much to plant and fertilize.  Unfortunately, according to a recent article by Rian Wanstreet at Motherboard, many issues with far-reaching implications have arisen between farmers and Big Agriculture equipment manufacturers.

According to the article, incredibly restrictive End User Licensing Agreements deliver control of the IoT devices and the big data they generate, to the manufacturers instead of the farmers that depend on the data to make important and timely decisions.  These EULAs not only restrict farmers’ access to the data their farms generate, but also heavily restrict how and where farmers can handle their devices themselves.

Big data and IoT is certainly valuable, but the struggle for control and ownership of that data is raising complex problems that can have implications stretching across industries and even into our homes as IoT and similar technologies become more common.


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  • Great write up and totally agree with you and the power of IoT to help farmers. In today’s world and with our growing capabilities we can leverage technology to just about anything. Being able to leverage IoT tech or any emerging technology towards farming can be critical for the future. Helping us produce efficiently while minimizing environmental effects. Even something like blockchain has seen applications in the produce market. Providing the ability to track fruits and vegetables throughout its supply chain phases/locations.

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