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Post 4 & 5 McDonald’s New Tech

McDonald’s has been investing in new technology that will change the customer experience and put a lot of McDonald workers out of the job. The digital platform will change ordering by implementing self-service kiosks. While McDonald’s executives were excited about the new changes made, day-to-day workers were less then enthused. Dickerson, a McDonald’s employee, voiced his concerned saying “They added a lot of complicated things,” Dickerson said in an interview. “It makes it harder for the workers.” Turnover in fast food chains have jumped to 150%. The article states that employees constantly switch off between old fashion ordering and the new platform. McDonald’s ordering has gotten 30 seconds slower from 2016.


In MIS 4596, we constantly talk about how automation is the future and will save company’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think a large part of the implementation process that many people tend to ignore is getting employees involved and excited about the technology that will be implemented. If the employees are not excited/on broad about the technology being implemented than the company could lose more then they gain. What are your thoughts on how McDonald’s implemented new kiosks? What do you think McDonald’s could have done better so their employees embraced the new technology?



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