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Lenovo’s Smart Display Inspires Google to Launch Similar Product

Lenovo is releasing a new UK product in October that is integrated with the Google Assistant voice activated technology, and it is making big waves within the gadget community. This sleek new device offers all the same functionality as Google’s line of voice activated products, but offers a colorful screen display in addition to audio. This, it turns out, is what people really want and it is stirring up a lot of excitement. This new product unveil has inspired Google to create their own version called the Google Home Hub. This will also be released in October and will give tech enthusiasts a tough choice when deciding what their new premier voice technology investment will be. Although both devices use the Google Assistant, Lenovo’s offering is much more expensive than Google’s.

This is an example of disruptive innovation. Lenovo is a new entrant that created a new product, but unlike normal situations, they chose to try to capture the high end of the market with a premium product meant for undershot customers. Google, the incumbent, is releasing a product to combat Lenovo’s. However, they are continuing along the path of sustaining innovation by gradually attempting to increase the performance of their products to capture undershot customers. They already offer lower end Google Assistant technologies for the overshot customers, so they have quite the opportunity to expand their market share with a reliable yet cheaper option to the high performing Lenovo Smart Display. Only time will tell who comes out on top, but the competition within the AI technology world is growing steadily. Will there be a new company we never heard of with most of the market share by 2050? Will voice technology be replaced by something more advanced by 2050? “Hey Google,” give me the answers!

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  • I wonder how the market will respond to the product. For instance, the iPad had depleted sales because consumers don’t buy the “new” version. The new version hitting the high market might result in short term growth, but over the long term I wonder; especially since it has a higher price tag.

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