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What will be CIO’s futures in IT organization in 2030?

In 2016, duties of many CIOs includes making sure all systems are up and running smoothly and discussing with the CEO about IT budgets and opportunities. A significant part of CIOs’ life is dealing with technology initiatives and vendors. The 2016 Gartner CIO survey data about how they spend their day showed that 75% CIOs spend their time more on commodity-oriented IT, and less time on revenue-generating IT initiatives. What about futures? In the future, CIO will have a strategic seat at the enterprise leadership table. They are no longer the people who deal with IT emergency but revenues from IT because of digital business. Digital business will gain insights into customers based on collecting information about their preferences and experiences. Why CIO’S future will like this? Becuase the IT organization in 2030 will be composed of self-manging, largely autonomous pods. In 2030, the current IT function, such as external sources of support services and infrastructure, the application and data hosted in cloud environments and networks and devices will be provided by externally provides. The future IT domain will include a pot guides service providers. IT domains in the future also need different areas of expertizes working together. When the IT domain wants to other functions, like HR, leaders of IT domain will be responsible for the relative administrative decisions and form a shared team vision. In addition, IT domain will be highly flexible teams, like clusters or pods that move among assignments as idea flows. Meanwhile, the IT workforce will not be stuck in IT department, but need to be able to participate in self-organizing teams to work.

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