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The Five Stages of Social Media Adoption for CRM

Social media, a part of digital business models, plays a critical role in the customer journey. It is not only a way that brands companies themselves but also a way that helps companies in understanding their customers. But, how social media adopts in CRM system? What should IT leaders do? As we learned in class, “IT creates value when it supports achieving business outcomes.” For social media, when social media projects combine the social data sources to maximize ROI, social media creates value. ROI is one way to measure business outcomes. However, 20% of Gartner’s global IT leaders reside in the “initial” stage, 40% reside in the “developing” stage, 30% reside in the “defined” stage, and only 5% reside in the “managed” stage and try to reach the final stage. Many organizations apply social media as a complementary project for their CRM, but not build it into the holistic CRM strategy. In the first stage, companies only pull data that expressed on social media about their companies. In the second stage, a purpose statement and relevant performance metrics for why the social media project exists and how to measure the results are necessary to explain why the company uses social media as a channel to communicate with their customers. In the third stage, “bring social media teams out of isolation” will bring a strong business purpose and cross-team collaboration. For the last two stages, the main steps are to adopt social media as part of CRM strategy. For developing CRM with social media, IT leaders need to identify opportunities for engagement, clarify the purpose of social media strategy and how to measure it, and bring social media teams out of isolation.

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