Welcome to the MIS 4596, section 002, spring 2010. We will be using this site for all course related materials. Please bookmark this page.

The following is the schedule for your team project presentations on Tuesday, April 27th at 5:30pm in Alter 603. Please arrive early and make sure that your slides/demo are loaded in advance and ready to go by 5:30pm. You must be seated and ready to go by 5:30pm. Given our tight schedule and external guests, you will not be admitted if you arrive late. Please leave the seats in the back row empty – we will reserve those for our guests. We will be very tight on time, so I modified your available presentation times. If you are working in a three person team, you will have 15 minutes, a two person team will have 11 minutes, and a one person team will have 8 minutes. Please contact me if this will cause you problems. I will also be asking you to evaluate each presentation and will provide evaluation forms.

I have arranged for your presentation to be automatically recorded, the recording will capture both the computer screen and audio/video of your presentation (the camera will auto-track your movement and location to within 2 feet of the podium). We will provide you with a Windows Media file which can be very easily converted and uploaded to YouTube. I encourage you to make this recording available on your e-portfolio. It will be very powerful and valuable for a prospective employer to evaluate your project. The recording process will be unobtrusive so you can ignore everything about it for now.

  1. CampusHype, Doug Morrisley, Xiufen Chen, Hav Moeung
  2. Community Connect, Ilya Rogov and Da Chen
  3. Open source search, Tom Steigerwald and John Porter
  4. Grubby, Taahir Khan, Josh Cherian, Scotty Benedict
  5. Electronic Health Records, Jacqueline Aguilar and Stephanie Stroman
  6. Advantix Inventory Processing solutions, Vladimir Papish, Albert Bon Young Koo, Bryce Buffaloe
  7. BuddyPress Chat, Matt Reganato
  8. Open Source Analysis, Ephraim Faloughi, William Lu, Arkadiy Kantor
  9. Prophet, a project management plug-in for WordPress, Manu Phatak
  10. GenEd Community, Jay Patel, Kelley Franklin, and Eneye Jatto

3 Responses to “Presentation schedule”

  • Great job on the presentation guys. Thanks Munir, I really enjoyed the class and all of the projects.

    Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you all sometime in the future.

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    Ilya, are you going to have your plug put into production? we can all keep in touch then lol

  • Hah! We will see. There are still several bugs that I would need to work out. I’ll discuss it with Munir. It might be a good idea for Alums to network and keep in touch with each other and the Temple community.