MIS4596-Tony Messina-Sec 002-Spring 2017

MIS 4596 – Section 2 – Spring 2017

Welcome to MIS 4596 – Section 2 – Spring 2017!

We will use this site for all class activities including discussion. To get started all students should do the following before the first class:

  1. Please ‘subscribe’ to this site (see below) so you will automatically receive updates.
  2. If you have registered for this class (as of 01/01/17), then you will be listed on the right hand side. Add an avatar (login, click on My Account, Profile) and an e-portfolio if it is missing.
  3. Join the MIS 4596-002 group.  I will use this group to send out course updates. You can set email notifications for the group so that all updates directly go to your email.
  4. Please feel free to reply to this post and include ideas or expectations about the course.
  5. For all comments on this site, students should login first (see the convenient link on the right), do not use the option to enter your name and email.

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